Monday, February 22, 2010

Tattoo Nation

Um, the vlog will speak for itself.

I apologize in advance for the music editing/breaks. I'm still rolled up in Saradise and didn't have the time to make it perfect!

VLOG superstars (in order of appearance), all of whom you should definitely check out:

Simon Larter (Friend, literary writer, super awesome tattoo wearer... You know, the usual. Tends to win writing contests. Not surprisingly.)
Alexandra Shostak (New to blogger, make SURE you stop by to say hello if you haven't already! CP extraordinaire. Gifted, gifted writer--sometimes makes me green with envy.)
Carol Valdez Miller (Another CP extraordinaire! Brilliant with advice, keeps me in stitches most of the time... Comes up with metaphors that make me drool. Make sure you stop by HERE and mention her name. LOTS.)
Derek Molata (Just added Friend Connect. Go. Click. Follow. He's very funny AND he knows his nail polish colors. Oh and he's opened up the door for questions on his blog--anything you wanna know. So if I know you guys the way I think I know you guys, and I DO, you'll come up with some doozies for him.)

Oh and for the record, I will tell my mom about my tattoo--I was only joking about that part. Just haven't seen her since I got it!

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  1. Awesome post. Love the tat, wish I had Twitter so I could participate too...

  2. Oh, hell. That's funny! And, now I think of it, kinda expected. I mean, what else would be my theme song? Having flashbacks to Mike Myers in a bathtub on SNL right now... the trauma!

    Your post was way cuter than mine. I'd vlog, but the scaly reptile skin I photoshopped out of my avatar pic might put some people off. That and the glowing blue eyes. Very mullet with headlights...

  3. That was great! I LOVE that you called Derek out. I'm so in for the Twitter tatooathon. ;)

  4. Yay, one of my favorite topics! Looking forward to the tattoo avatar weekend. Just got a couple of mine touched up two days ago, so I'll use one of those! And I love your enso tattoo.

    Also, I laughed pretty hard at your introduction of Simon.

  5. Jonathan. Why DON'T you have twitter??

    LOL Simon. I'm not sure a post about tattoos is supposed to be cute ;) Oh an I would LOVE to see your mullet with headlights, haha.

    Karen, he had it coming man. He so had it coming. Yay for twitter tattoos!

    Jacqueline-I just saw the tattoos on facebook. LOVE. And am jealous. But mostly LOVE :-)

  6. Alas, nary a tattoo nor the desire, BUT I think it's cool that you guys are finding solidarity in body art. I did entertain possibly getting eyes tattooed on my eyelids so no one would know I was sleeping. The thought of one of those needles on my eyelids...No thanks. Thanks for the fun post!

  7. Hahahahahahaha!!! OMG, you're so hilarious. Beautiful vlog. Can't wait for LA, babe! Now I just need to decide what to get and how to hide it from my mom. I'm thinking I'll get a piercing as well. What do you think of a tongue piercing? ;) I don't think you've told me what you're going to do either.

    Oh, and I totally don't think Derek will follow through other. Total faker. Hahahaha!

  8. You make ME green with envy. (Sorry about the pithy sporadic comments lately. I promise when I'm not bogged down with the Homework of Doom, you and C will get well-thought-out long comments.)

  9. Love the vlog! LA sounds so fun and I'm so jealous! Oh well, there's always next year.....

  10. Ha! I wish I could go with yall out to LA! That would be a lot of fun - but I will settle for seeing the tats when you get back!

  11. Fun!! I don't have a tattoo - but will hunt up an appropriate image for the weekend :)

  12. OMG! That was great. I loved the vlog. And I love the tat.

    I've got one; my heartbeat right off my EKG strip around my left wrist. My kids love it; makes me cool.

    Which isn't a bad thing for a high school teacher. :)

  13. Twitter and I are like the people that stay on opposite sides of the room. We dibbled, we dabbled, we are so over each other.

  14. *spits Crystal Light all over keyboard*

    Now I know why you write fiction. :P

  15. Oooh, I'm going to SCBWI LA, too! I don't know if I'm hardcore enough to get a tattoo just yet, but I'll get, like, a henna or something. ;-)

  16. Hahaha! Hilarious! Oh, and I gave you an award over at my blog :)

  17. Ok, I'll admit it: Diet coke spewed out of my nose when I saw that Simon bit. Hilarious.

  18. Also, Ms. Karen Amanda Hooper...if I knew you'd back Sara in this whole ordeal, then remember that time we went for drinks in Florida? Yeah, remember that? Well, it wouldn't have happened. Instead I'd be asking you to take the knife out of my back.

    Ha *jokes* Seriously though, I will always be up for drinks poolside. Even with a knife in my back. :P


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