Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dancing Monkeys

Sorry I haven't been around, but dude. April. has. been. crazyballs.

I kicked the month off with a two-week trip driving from Augusta, GA, to Colorado Springs with my sister & her husband. (Which was awesomesauce, b-t-dubs, and I swear I have a photo-filled post coming soon.) Then, I leave again tomorrow for a trip to Kentucky with el hubster. It's going to be fabulous. We'll hang with his family and hit up the Keeneland Racetrack for some classy horse racing. Seriously, I have the cutest dress for it. And I'm searching for the perfect hat at the mall today. Something like:

Wouldn't I look fabulous in this? 
Okay, not really. But still.

*loses focus looking at pictures of ridiculous hats*


Where was I going with this again?

Um . . .

Hold on.




*silly hat google search*

Okay. Back to business.

My point is: THAT'S why I've been mia. (Not the hats, the traveling. Duh.) And the times I have been home--I've really just felt like THIS:

Feel free to take this as 1) I've been lazy and haven't wanted to do anything* OR 2)I wanted to dance with people in monkey costumes. Either will work.

MINUS the hand in my pants/really nice girl for really nice sex parts.

100% PLUS the part about not combing my hair. For real. Just ask el hubster.

Anyhoo. I'll be back soon. Promise! With book recommendations (holy cow I've read some awesome ones recently), author interviews, and of course my thoughts & shenanigans. You know . . . basically, the usual.

Also, if you skipped over the video but haven't seen it yet (or heard the song) it's totes worth watching. Very giggleable. I secretly want to learn the dance.

*I have been doing stuff though, silly. Of course I have. More on that in the next few weeks, too.

QOTD: How's YOUR April been?

My AOTD: Um, didn't you just read my post?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

yodeling and winning.

So, I'm a little late with this post.

My b, y'all!

It's just that . . . I'm on a cross-country road trip with my sister and her husband. AND I'm flippin' sick. Like . . . I've been yodeling for two days.

If you replace yodeling with vomiting, I mean.

That's right. I've either got food poisoning or the stomach flu. I don't really care which--all I care about is that every. single. time. we stop the car, I have to . . . yodel.

It's not fun. (www.duh.com)

But you know what IS fun?

Winning books!

And you know who wins the books I'm giving away in honor of Carol signing with an agent???

Kristi from random Daily Thoughts!! 

Congratulations :) Shoot me an email with your mailing address and I'll send the books to ya as soon as I get home! (April 14th)

QOTD: Have you ever been to Dodge City? 

AOTD: Yup. I'm here RIGHT NOW!