Monday, February 27, 2012

10 MORE ways in which a casual observer might know I'm deep in drafting mode . . .

My FIRST post about the 10 ways in which a casual observer might know I'm deep in drafting mode, is HERE.

This list, however, is JUST as true . . . Unfortunately.

1. The longest verbal convo I've had in days is with my cats, during which I bounced new plot twists and directions off of them.

2. My text message and IM histories are full of random numbers. Which really come from word count updates sent back and forth with my writing friends. Texts to my husband on the other hand, frequently read: The number one rule for when you come home is to take a deep breath and not panic at the state of our house. It's all my stuff, all over the place. Don't worry. I'm going to clean it up . . . Soonish. Please don't divorce me. Love, Sara.

3. I've memorized pretty much every lyric ever written by Adele, Florence and the Machine, Taylor Swift, and 30 Seconds to Mars. Because of their relevance to my WIP. NOT from procrastinating. No way. *whistles innocently*

4. When asked, I STILL have to think about the last time I showered.

5. The Chinese place up the street greets me by name when I call to order delivery. Same with the Thai place. And the Mexican place. And Dominos.

6. Google search history now also comes up with "Will more than 5 red bulls in one day lead to a heart attack?" and "How much force does it take to break someone's nose?" and "Hawaiian curse words."

7. I get texts from my family just to make sure I'm still alive.

8. My legs get shaved exactly once a week. And only because I have an appointment with my personal trainer once a week. And only if I've run out of long workout pants. And THANKFULLY I usually have a pair or two of workout capris, so I only have to shave to my knees. (Yes, as a matter of fact, this IS my husband's fave part of my writing process.) (<--Sarcasm)

9. I begin to think I'd look good with dreads. Because given the condition and shape of my hair, I'm halfway there as it is. PROOF:

The hubs took a pic of me from his iPad . . .
The dreads are on their way.
10. I start to accidentally call my cats by the names of my characters, the same way some mothers mix up the names of their children. And I do this to my husband from time to time as well. But really, don't you think he should take it as a compliment because the main boy in my book is smokin' hot? I mean, except for the times I accidentally call him my MC's name. Because she's a girl.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

ARC Giveaway!!

You guys! I have some awesome ARCs--and I NEED you to take them from me.

No, seriously. Here's the thing: These ARCs are sequels or companions to books I haven't read.  And I thought I'd have time to read the first books and then the ARCs, but then I got sucked into my WIP (omg I'm almost done!!) and haven't had that time.

These ARCs need love!! Because that's the point of ARCs--getting them out there early and letting people spread the word about them. And I'm failing at that. Which is where YOU come in!

Take these off my hands--and promise to spread the word about the things you loved. Please.

I have:

The Calling by Kelley Armstrong (Darkness Rising 2)
Balthazar by Claudia Gray (An Evernight novel)
Loss by Jackie Morse Kessler (An addition to the Riders of the Apocalypse series)
Eve of Destruction by Patrick Carman (Dark Eden 2)

HOW it works:

1. Follow Babbling Flow!
2. +1 extra entry per way in which you spread the word about the giveaway. (Tweet/blog/fb/whatevs--just make sure you leave links in the comments!)
3. TELL ME how many entries you have!
4. TELL ME your top two picks! (Everyone will be entered for their top two picks.)

Aaaand that's it.

Oh. Contest is open internationally--and it closes March 2nd. Winners will be randomly selected.


Good luck!!

AND we're giving away the following 7 ARCs 
at YA Confidential.


Monday, February 6, 2012

10+ ways in which a casual observer might know I'm deep in drafting mode . . .

1. My drink pile looks like this. By 10am.

2. I spend two minutes throwing away my empties before my husband gets home and am IMMENSELY proud of myself for getting so much cleaning done for the day.

3. I have to think about it when asked the last time I showered.

4. But am quite pleased with myself for having brushed my teeth within at least the past 20 hours. What? Cavities? Pshh. That's what I have a dentist for. And my breath? DUH. Gum.*

5. I can't tell you what happened on the last Vampire Diaries episode.

6. My Google search history reveals phrases including (but not limited to) "what does burning flesh smell like," and "how to avoid reporting a death," and "grocery delivery services."

7. On the EXTREMELY rare occasion I can be pried from my laptop, I have a pen and composition book pretty much glued to my hands. Even when I pee. Just in case. (Really, you never know.)

8. Instead of doing laundry only when I run out of clean undies (which, let's be honest, is the usual way I do laundry) I take the MUCH faster quarter mile of a ride to my mall and raid Victoria's Secret. Dude, 5 for $25. That's practically a whole 'nother week. They only look at me slightly strangely when I stop to furiously scribble down some random WIP-related thought in my notebook while leaning against their panty table.

9. Quite often, my husband can be found kissing me goodnight as he's heading out the door for work in the morning. And good morning when he gets home at night.

10. I, on the other hand, can frequently be found eating the WEIRDEST THINGS EVER for meals. Like hotdog buns with melted cheese, ketchup and mustard. (Don’t knock it til you try it.)

And, just for good measure, how about one more . . . 

11. My face is twisted into this sort of expression. At almost all times. (Completely unrelated to my writing eating habits.)


*Okay, number 4 is kind of a stretch. But only because I promised my dentist to floss daily. And it's become kind of an addiction.