Monday, February 6, 2012

10+ ways in which a casual observer might know I'm deep in drafting mode . . .

1. My drink pile looks like this. By 10am.

2. I spend two minutes throwing away my empties before my husband gets home and am IMMENSELY proud of myself for getting so much cleaning done for the day.

3. I have to think about it when asked the last time I showered.

4. But am quite pleased with myself for having brushed my teeth within at least the past 20 hours. What? Cavities? Pshh. That's what I have a dentist for. And my breath? DUH. Gum.*

5. I can't tell you what happened on the last Vampire Diaries episode.

6. My Google search history reveals phrases including (but not limited to) "what does burning flesh smell like," and "how to avoid reporting a death," and "grocery delivery services."

7. On the EXTREMELY rare occasion I can be pried from my laptop, I have a pen and composition book pretty much glued to my hands. Even when I pee. Just in case. (Really, you never know.)

8. Instead of doing laundry only when I run out of clean undies (which, let's be honest, is the usual way I do laundry) I take the MUCH faster quarter mile of a ride to my mall and raid Victoria's Secret. Dude, 5 for $25. That's practically a whole 'nother week. They only look at me slightly strangely when I stop to furiously scribble down some random WIP-related thought in my notebook while leaning against their panty table.

9. Quite often, my husband can be found kissing me goodnight as he's heading out the door for work in the morning. And good morning when he gets home at night.

10. I, on the other hand, can frequently be found eating the WEIRDEST THINGS EVER for meals. Like hotdog buns with melted cheese, ketchup and mustard. (Don’t knock it til you try it.)

And, just for good measure, how about one more . . . 

11. My face is twisted into this sort of expression. At almost all times. (Completely unrelated to my writing eating habits.)


*Okay, number 4 is kind of a stretch. But only because I promised my dentist to floss daily. And it's become kind of an addiction. 


  1. Shame on you for missing Vampire Diaries!! hahah- these were good and totally made my morning!

  2. This sounds exactly like me, but I can't even be bothered with the dentist. Good thing I have great teeth and they only make me visit them once a year. :D

  3. LOL! This all sounds disturbingly familiar.

  4. You have to be writing to behave this way? Who knew?

  5. HAHA! This was so awesome!
    #2 was my favorite because it's so frickin true

  6. I love that you took photographic evidence of your drink pile. :) You are so not alone in your first draft crazies!

  7. Haha, I love this! I'm totally the same way when deep in drafting mode (though I would never sacrifice Vampire Diaries for writing!). :)

  8. I'm write there with you, write now. (see what I did there?)

    Except I'll take my laptop with me to pee if I'm in a zone. Multi-tasking at its finest/grossest.

    Also, I trashed every word, and started over with my you-know-what-story. So, now I need to catch up with you, instead of the other way around. *sigh*

    Love you,

  9. LOL at #2. I did some drafting on Saturday and felt very proud that I'd taken out the trash before my husband got home. Write on, Sara!

  10. Awesome. But hotdog buns melted cheese and ketchup and mustard? Ew. :)

  11. Um...I have a jar of sprinkles next to my bed that I occasionally toss back to trick my body into thinking I fed it(also, my bed is my current desk :\ ).
    And while I go everywhere with a pen and notebook, I'm the one who comes up with ideas at the store and spends the next 45 minutes wandering slowly and staring at the ceiling while formulating in my head lol. I might be the resident crazy chick...
    Love this list. I always like knowing I'm not alone! :)

  12. Hahaha! I love your pile and gum made me laugh. Ahh the life and weird/possible incriminating search history of a writer.

  13. I'm hopping into Drafting Frenzy with you. WOO-HOO. Let's party with a ton of drinks! (and by drinks I mean Red Bull)

  14. Ha ha. You are too adorable for words, Sara! I love numbers 2 and 9 (well, all of them really). :-)

  15. I agreed with all of these except for #5. WTH? Youcan'tmissVampireDiaries!!!!!!

    I am very caffeinated.

    I also have googled 'how to dispose of a dead body' but I did it on work computer just in case they were checking histories up here. Fear equals job security.

  16. HAHAHAHA - I remember these days, but barely. I so WISH I had time for a first draft crazy. Summer needs to hurry and get here.

  17. LOL. I'm editing right now, but once I'm finished, I'll be diving into draft mode and joining you in all this.

  18. Burning flesh is rarely goes out in the world without the chaperone of burning hair, just so you know.

  19. Hey, I'm back! LOL @ number 3. Any ideas you get on the potty should probably be scrapped, after all, they probably stink.... (ok bad pun, I know)

    Hope you're well! I'll be stopping by, come say hi on my blog again.

  20. Haha, that table of empty coffee cups looks like the desk in my room. My roomie always says thats when she knows not to bother me, when there's enough empty caffeine receptors to fill a dump truck.

  21. Best. Face. Ever.

    Also, Victoria's Secret is the best way to do laundry. Pretty much all the time. But extra important when you're writing. I'm so glad you've got your priorities straight ;)


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