Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekly Update (10/4/09-10/11/09)

First week of my blog.  First week on twitter.  Wrote more this week than I ever have!  It's been a fantastic writing week.  Point one in favor of blogs/twittering!  (Some people argue that it's just another way for authors to procrastinate.)  There's so much more motivation, for me anyway, when I know peers are watching my progress.

These are my stats from last week:

I wrote a total of 15,657 words.  That's a heck of a lot of writing.  (And I'm only counting words on Project Jane - not the blog, not the poetry, just PJ.)
I signed up for the 1000 Words a Day Pledge and have been tracking my progress along the right side of this blog.  I went over my 1000 word goal every single day this week!!  Some days extraordinarily so - here's a snapshot of my daily progress bars:  (note that they all had to extend past the 100% mark!)

I also passed the 40,000 word mark for Project Jane.  I am plowing through and having a blast.  I know I'll cut a lot and rewrite even more when I starte editing.  But it still feels awesome to know that I could be at least half way done with this first draft.  Seriously, the document is 135 pages long, in TNR 12, doublespaced.

********************** Also:
I participated in my first twitter chat (specifically, the yalitchat) and it was great.  I really enjoyed reading with other writers/publishers/agents in the YA (young adult, if you don't know) literature market had to say

The only downside to my week was the realization that this writing really does take up a lot of time.  I had to cancel dinner with friends.  I didn't sleep next to my husband some nights.  (Because I write until the wee hours of the morning and have to read before I fall asleep - I didn't want to wake him.)  But I'm keeping my chin up and reminding myself that these sacrifices aren't permanet.  Once this first draft is hammered out, I can slow my pace down just a little bit. 

When I'm writing original material, I can sit at a computer for three hours and write 10 words.  But once the original story is created, I will be able to edit it and rewrite parts of it with much more ease. 

And I absolutely believe that this will all be worth it!!


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