Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I Am Not from West Virginia + An Open Letter to Cyber Bullies

Mistaken Identity:

Nothing against good ol' WV. Seriously, my husband's from there--most of his family still lives there. I love the state. But I am NOT Sara McClung from West Virginia.

Why do I feel the need to say this? Because I got a weird google alert a little while ago, about a Sara McClung from WV. And the link took me to this awful website. There's an entire message board dedicated to trashing my name double.

I feel awful for this girl. It's Internet bullying in all its disgusting glory. Physical threats and name calling and just completely horrible and immature and scary things.

Okay and you know I'm not one to rant about things on here, because I'm more of a sparkles and sunshine and "let's spread the happiness" kind of blogger, but today I just have to say one thing...

While the picture I posted is funny (well, I thought it was anyway), cyber bullying is not. Threatening people on the internet is cruel and childish and, let's be honest, if you do it you're a complete coward. And it can lead to some really, really awful things.

Rant over. Sorry for soapboxing, but ugh. It takes a lot to get me going, except for things like this.

What about you guys? Any thoughts on Internet bullying?

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********** An Open Letter to Cyber Bullies **********

Dear Cyber Bullies,
Cold regards,

PS. To the WV online bulliers: Stop doing it to the other Sara McClung! Anyone with this name is clearly awesome.


  1. Great post, and you're right, cyber bullying is awful! Words can be so much worse than physical bullying, especially words that are pretty much preserved forever.

  2. I detest bullying of any type. I think that it can really harm any person involved. There is truly too much of it going on. I am on your bully hater radar too. I support this post.

    Bullying is just cruel no matter who you are. Scars are scars no matter how you got them. Some people can't handle the bullying and are more fragile than others and I think that more people need to stand up and help voice their opinion or if you see it happening, intervene. It could save someone's life.

    Thanks for the great post Sara

  3. That is really sad!! I cannot imagine having to face that sort of cruelty. :(

  4. I really wish the law would catch up with the internet soon so that people realize that just like you can't utter threats in person, you can't utter threats on-line.
    I don't understand trolls and cyberbullies and sh*tdisturbers. I hope Karma comes around really soon for whoever is harassing the other Sara M. - G

  5. ugh, how horrible, Sara. Why must people act so badly?

  6. OMG, S, how awful--to have come across that in this way, and to know that it's happening to someone, anyone. It's just shameful. There has to be something we can do? Is there any way to report this thing? Won't anyone do something? It makes me sick to think anyone could do such a thing, and worse, that it has gone on unhindered. Man, how terrible for you to feel connected to that cruelty through your name. :(

  7. I really hate to hear stories like that. I wish there was a way to control that kind of bullying.

  8. This is a realistic and true representation of what Internet+Anonymity does to someone.

  9. Gah. Internet bullying is the suck. Bullying of any kind, actually, is the suck, but internet bullying doesn't offer a face to punch in order to feel better. (Yeah, typical guy reaction. What can I say?)

    But people don't seem to realize that they're not as anonymous as they think they are on the internet, and that written threats are illegal, and that their douchebaggery has been archived by Google. Way to go, jerkwads.

  10. I feel so sorry for anyone who is the victim of bullying. My oldest daughter was bullied at school this year, so I know firsthand how damaging it is. I hope the other Sarah M. finds a way to get the harassment to stop.

  11. That is awful! Cowardly really is the best word for it. The internet can be the awesomest, coolest place ever, or seriously the worst. And I agree with Simon -- the Google Gods will inevitably come back to bite these people in the butt with some kind of awful internet karma. (I hope!)

  12. Jeez...I thought I was going to have to get onto you for putting down my beautiful state ;-)

    Poor other Sarah M. though!

  13. Cyber bullying is a real and dangerous issue. I've seen several kids suffer from it. It's horrible. We have to protect our kids.

  14. Well said! I feel so bad for that other Sara McClung. We've certainly heard enough stories about the tragic consequences cyber bullying can have. The internet can be great, or really, really awful.

  15. Poor kid. The whole idea sickens me.

  16. My friend is in her 30s and is being cyber bullied. It's terrible. :-( This poor girl.


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