Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Barry Lyga Rocks!! Day

Hey Barry!

So, before I met you, back when I was just a fan of your books and the fact that you sent some signed copies to me, Carol and Alexandra, we had this fun idea to have a Barry Lyga Rocks!! Day. And now that day has arrived! It’s cool because now I know first hand how much you rock =)

And while I’m sure there are hundreds of them, I thought I’d make a list of the top 5 reasons I think you rock. (Yep, I’m a list girl… It’s how I roll.)

1.Obviously, the best place to start is with your books. They’re amazing. I mean, let’s take Goth Girl Rising for example. You fill a room with 100 people and I’m telling ya, there’s not ONE person who could stop reading it after just the first page. It’s that good, straight from the start.
2. And then there’s you as a person. I’ve met some authors whose eyes have kind of glazed over when they learn I’m not yet published. But yours? Nope. You partied with us, went to dinner, hung with us during the convention… You didn’t push advice on us, but offered it when asked for. All around that makes you a pretty cool guy in my book.
3. Speaking of partying—it brings me to my third reason: you’re fun to party with! We totally closed down the kidlit happy hour and that we were all still standing by the end was pretty impressive.
4. You keep great secrets! I’m impressed—you’re working on a super ridiculously awesome graphic novel and refuse to spill anything pertinent to it, even the title! Oh, and you’re working with Colleen Doran, who’s amazing and sweet and holy cow a brilliant artist! This gives you bonus cool points in my opinion!
5. Plus, you also have a really good memory. When you personalized my Archvillain, you remembered my name didn’t have an h*. Heck, one time my MOM even wrote my name with an h! (Yep, in the scrapbook she made us for my wedding—trust me, she’ll never live it down.)

I could go on and on, but I’m keeping it trim today—so you have time to check out all the other letters—the blogs are linked at the bottom of this post!


PS. If you're reading these letters, and it appears nobody's commenting, they ARE! Blogger's comment system is having a major fail today, sigh. 

*Okay, so you could have read it on my name tag, but still I'm pretty sure you didn't.

Today's Participants:

Alexandra Shostak
Carol Valdez Miller
Jenny Martin
Jonathon Arntson
Julie Musil
Karen Amanda Hooper
Kristen Yard
Shannon O'Donnell
Shannon Whitney Messenger
Simon Larter
Sydnee Thompson
Tiffany Neal
Tina Lynn Sandoval

If I missed you, or you want to sign up last minute (don't forget, it gives you FIFTEEN extra entries in the contest giveaway for his awesome signed books and ARCs) leave a comment on my post and I'll add ya to the list!

Happy Barry Lyga Rocks!! Day

♥ me


  1. Superb letter to Barry! And I totally agree--one of the coolest authors around.

  2. Dude, I was so excited I couldn't sleep.
    Happy Barry Rocks Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Closing down happy hours is AWESOME! Though I'm not sure how well I'd fit in at a kidlit happy hour. I suppose I could crash it and tell people I'm working on a collection of MG love scenes, or something. I think that'd work. Yes.

    Oh, and please send vodka along with the ARC of Archvillain when I win, okay? Thanks. :D

  4. So Barry Lyga rocks and I haven't read his books? Even one called "Goth Girl Rising"? Seriously, the title alone rocks hard core. I can see I'm going to have to make a trip to the book store and fix this omission ASAP! :)

  5. (I am having the worst time leaving a comment on the office computer. If you get like five comments from me, delete them all except this one :-P)

    I most especially agree with #2, though of course the rest of the list is just right, also ;)

    It was so fun meeting him with you guys! <3

    (I actually might be in DC in August at some point visiting my sister. If I end up there, I'll call you and we can get drinks or something!)

  6. Such a sweet letter! Goth Girl does rock! And, I am just a teensy, tiny bit jealous of the fact that you met him. ;)

  7. Thanks to you guys for hosting this great day of awesome-y tribute! I have not BL in person, so I must bask in your vicarious glory.


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