Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Confession

First of all, 
happy 2011!!!

I hope everyone brought the new year in with a kiss :) Or something just as happy!

See, I had all these awesome* posts planned for the last days of 2010. Best books of 2010**. Best blogs. Best cons. Favorite people. Best moments.

Except here's what happened: I went to North Captiva Island with my family over Christmas. Don't we look like a fun bunch? (We so are, I promise.)

I brought my laptop. I did not bring my laptop cord. I'm Einstein, what can I say? I wrote a few thousand words on the trip down, and then my battery died. So I closed my computer and didn't open it again until I was back in Virginia.

And here's my confession:

I didn't write for nine days straight. I didn't think about writing***. I didn't talk about writing. I did nothing writing related whatsoever.

I loved it.  

I was too busy doing this:

And hanging with him:

And finding these:

And listening to this:

And taking these****:

And having girl time with my mom & sisters:

And watching these:

And playing cards and eating good food and adding bananas to pina coladas***** and going for long walks and enjoying how soft the tap water of the island made my hair and playing corn hole and taking excursions to surrounding islands for even better shells and... well, you get the point.

I'm telling you here and now: if you make writing your life? Take a freaking break sometimes! Stop rushing because you want to query or because you want to go on submission or because {insert any reason here}. Stop and enjoy the other parts of life. Family. Nature. Significant other. Take some YOU time. I did--and now I'm more inspired than ever.

I spent a huge part of 2010 with my fingers on laptop keys, clacking away. I made good progress and I plan to continue. But I also lost track of friends and spent less time with my husband than he would have liked and didn't keep in touch with my family the way I should have. Don't get me wrong, I definitely believe taking myself seriously as a writer means that I'll have to make some sacrifices. But those should be more along the lines of cutting TV shows and giving up on as much sleep as I want (and naps) and really, really focusing on creating a writing career for myself. See the difference?  So this year, I'm gonna find a better life/writing balance.

What about you? Any goals for 2011?

*In my mind anyway :)
**I'm totally still posting about the best books of 2010 this week. I can't help myself.
***Okay, you got me. Of course I thought about writing. How could I not? But it sounded cooler and more severe to say I didn't :) 
**** I'm totally not holding the camera correctly, but I was just posing for the picture!
*****Holy crap, they are SO GOOD.


  1. Sometimes the Muse knows what she's doing when she steals your laptop cord. Good for you for enjoying your friends, yourself, and nature. Best of luck to you in 2011!!

  2. Such pretty pictures! Looks like a fun family time! You and your sisters look a lot alike.
    I agree about taking a break. I do take breaks throughout the year, always around the holidays. They are too busy to add more stress by feeling like I have to do a certain number of words as well. Glad you had a blast!!

  3. Mental health vacation! And in such a beautiful spot. Glad you got to recharge your batteries.

  4. Amen, soul sister. :)I need to find a healthy balance too. Let's keep reminding each other of that.

    LOVE the pics. So glad you guys had such a wonderful time.

    Happy New Year! xoxo

  5. You/Me time is great stuff.

    A couple of goals for 2010:
    Write 100 pages (short stories or epic tale or combination of both)
    100% a video game (both to help me focus my attention.)

  6. Through the holidays I took a about a week and a half break from writing. Didn't even really think about my stories that much, and it was refreshing! Like you, now I'm ready to jump back into the saddle. I love writing, but at the same time I love life too. The both can go hand in hand, but sometimes you have to take a break.

    Wonderful pics too, btw!

  7. What a way to take a break!! Loved the pix. Balance is key to any pursuit in life (<-- spoken by a true Libra :D) Here's to a new year of blissful balance!

    Happy 2011, Sara!

  8. That looks like the most amazing place to take a relaxing trip! So glad you got a break and have come back ready to work on the writing/life balance! Happy 2011!

  9. I think it's Anne Lamott who said we need to keep filling ourselves to be able to write; you can't write from emptiness. Looks like you had a wonderfully filling time on your vacation! Best wishes for a balanced 2011.

  10. Looks like it made for an amazing vacation. Congrats! Nothing wrong with unplugging from time to time (but we're still glad you're back).

  11. *sigh* It looks like a fairy tale, Sara. I wouldn't have thought about writing in a spot like that either. :-)

  12. I love your post. So TRUE! Sometimes it's hard, because many of us have a computer or some sort of electronic device attached to our fingers.

    I went to Washington in October and the same thing happened to me. No computer for a week. It was awesome and liberating at the same time. Every writer, blogger, whatever... needs a break. Beautiful pictures by the way.

  13. If I had a vacation like that I'd totally not think about writing either! (Even if you really did :P) Sounds like you had a fantastic time. It's always good to step away and come back with a fresh set of eyes and ideas. Happy 2011!

  14. Ooohhh, nice. :) Lucky duck.

    I'm glad you had a wonderful vacation and spent time with family. (I'm glad you forgot the cord)

    Happy 2011...and I'm with you on the balance thing. I'm not sure how to achieve the elusive 'balance' (I'm already surviving of 3-4 hours sleep/night...I'l sleep when I'm dead), but, hey, maybe someone can spot us a few extra hours/day.


  15. Soooooo true girlie. You KNOW I'm unbalanced--though I try to do more of the sacrificing TV and sleep and food and stuff--but yeah. I could be better. Thanks for the reminder.

    And you look gorgeous in those pics!

  16. Love the pics, that place looks amazing.

    My goals are to complete 1st draft of new project and save up money so I can take a holiday overseas at the end of the year.

  17. I am jealous of those shells. I like shells a lot. I also like the beach. I'm jealous of the beach.

    We'll have to stick our toes in the river in NEW ORLEANS!!!!!!!

  18. Looks like a wonderful time. I am jealous of the sea shell photos... I love hunting for shells and starfish! Beautiful photos in all.

    Hope 2011 is a wonderful year for you! You have some great goals.

  19. That looks like a great time! Sometimes you just need to take a break from life and just LIVE.

  20. I abstained from writing for a few days during my break. It never hurts. :)

    You look like you had and awesome time.

  21. Well said, girl -- it's refreshing to hear someone say all that! Makes me feel less guilty for feeling like I *need* breaks! Happy 2011 to you!

  22. I love reading your blog. Our trip was so much fun! It's a shame you left out some of the more embarrassing moments.... Haha. I'm going to try and be better at reading your blog more often. I love you! Keep up the great writing!


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