Monday, July 18, 2011

"One good thing about music, when it hits, you feel no pain."

I love me some Bob Marley.

But I also think music can TOTALLY bring on the pain.

Like in breakups. You have "your" songs--and just the opening notes of one can firework into an explosion of pain in your stomach. So you avoid them, to avoid the pain. OR if you're like me, you listen to them over and over and over until they don't hurt anymore. (Seriously, that's what I used to do. Okay, and maybe it's cray-cray, but dude. I have fun taste in music. I don't want good songs ruined for me!)

Or when my Nana passed away. My sisters and I sat in the car and blasted music that had the tears flowing even harder. It helped. A lot.

Though, really, I'm digressing. My point today is not to disagree with Bob. I just really like that quote. Plus, he's right, too. Music can bring on all the JOY in the world.

When you're in love.

When you're getting ready for a girls' night out. (Like I did over the weekend and, omg, that's a post for a later day, let me tell you . . . )

When you're on a road trip.

When you're sitting on the beach drinking pina coladas, or margaritas, or whatevs . . .

Or, yanno, when you're WRITING. Or plotting. Or whatever. My WIP playlists have at least 60 songs on them. Most of the time more.

In case you can't tell, I like music. I'm not a diehard fan for any particular band or anything, but still. Tunes play a big part in my life. And so does writing. And while I don't talk much about the specifics of my WIPs these days, I thought today I'd share two of the theme songs for my current one.

Okay, and honestly, the version of ET that goes with my WIP is the one sans Kanye. (There is no alien probing in my WIP, promise.)

Also, my playlist is NOT comprised of all pop hits. But these are the two that fit them the most overall.

Since I don't really talk about what I'm writing here, I thought maybe each week I'd share some music that speaks to it instead. Or maybe just music I'm feeling at the moment. Deal? Deal.

What about you guys? Do you have WIP theme songs? Playlists? 
Are they epic in length like mine? 


  1. I love that you have a playlist for your writing. I've got a massive playlist on my ipod which consists of a lot of eerie, deep songs - some celtic, some slow metal, some weird dolphin whale sounds (yeh, I'm a bit weird!). Anything that helps me when I'm writing YA urban fantasy as it helps to create that eeriness, if you know what I mean??!
    Great post!
    Suzy Turner

  2. Drake has a similar line about music and no pain.

    I can't write without it. I made a playlist yesterday called "ANGRY MUSIC" and it had everything from Florence + the Machine to ACDC.

    I think this is a great idea!

  3. I wish I could write to music, but I can't. I'm inspired by it, sure, but if I try to listen while I'm writing, I get too lost in it. (This is probably because I suck at multitasking.)

  4. SO true! I had to smile when I read about the girls night. I have certain songs I listen to when I'm getting ready to go out with them. I also have my "Summer Sun" playlist that I listen to when I'm on the beach or pool. As for writing- yep- playlist there too. However, recently, I've been listening to the playlist BEFORE I write. I used to listen while I write, but now I need quite. If I get "stuck" I turn it back on while staring at the screen--then, I write with the music on. Weird, I know, but it works for me!

  5. i'm glad to hear i'm not the only one who listens to sad music when i'm sad, to bring on the tears. I agree, it definitely helps

  6. I wish I could listen to music while writing, but I can't. I have tried and I usually get too caught up in it and most of the time it breaks my concentration.

    I have found that instrumental is nice to have in the background, preferably piano. I am jealous of all of you who can write with your favorite music. Enjoy.

  7. Mine are definitely epic. Easily 60 songs, and always growing. My current playlist seems like no rhyme or reason--everything from industrial to gangster rap to Tchaikovsky. But it works for me!

    (And E.T. is on mine too, also sans Kanye...)

  8. :D I write to ET sans Kanye, too!

    I have to have music while writing. :) I started drafting my book to Florence + the Machine's album 2 yrs ago, and as I read and revise, the songs feel so much a part of my book :)

  9. I have a playlist of Very Special Songs that I can't listen to anymore because they bring up too many Feelings. When they come up on shuffle, I click Next so fast it would spin your head. I LOVE them, but I can't listen to them. It sucks.

    I'd love to hear your WIP songs!

  10. I love music, and listen to it all the time.
    You're right about the music hurting sometimes, though. Early this year, when a friend of mine passed, I listened to a few death songs on repeat (Permanent, Wake Me Up When September Ends, Top of the World). Recently, I put together a "Death Scene" playlist (That's what happens when you write high fantasy. There are lots of deaths) and, whenever certain songs came on, I started hurting from the memory.

    But music can be amazing. It's not quite SIXTY (which is a ton) but I listen to a dozen or so songs when I'm writing. It was originally seven or eight, but as I became acquainted with more music, I got some more.
    Is there a theme song that embodies my entire book? No. But I do have songs that can be "theme songs" for certain characters, or places. And then there are songs that I can imagine one character saying to another at certain times throughout the novel.

    Whatever. I'm rambling. Great post!

  11. I agree with you, that music can play a big part in things. It's the soundtrack of our lives. Okay corny and cliche! But it does help to listen to music while writing, outlining, etc.
    Lisa ~ YA Literature Lover

  12. I'm so hungry and omnivorous with music...it's ALWAYS on. I have playlists for WiPs, sure...but I have playlists for EVERYTHING: cleaning, driving (short trips and long road trips), pool, entertaining, beach, before I head out to party, dance music, art, sleeping...I always have music on. The soundtrack of our lives.

    Glad you had fun with your girls. :)

    Have a lovely week.

  13. Ahhh, music. You already know I love music and find "soundtrack songs" for all my stories...

    because, you know, you've sent me a few of them. :)


  14. I am crazy in love with music. My mg has a bit of rock in it, so yes, definitely a play list. (But I can't play it while writing because I sing along and get distracted!)

  15. It's so hard for me to write without listening to music. I don't have specific "play-lists" for my WIPs, but I do have certain songs that remind me of my stories/characters or invoke a sudden desire to write.

    Oddly enough though, I have to listen to music with words in it for the most part. Sometimes I'm in the mood for movie soundtracks or instrumental music, but when I write I generally have to have words in the songs. It helps my creative process I guess.

  16. Do you have a Spotify account yet? Guh. I drool every time I open it up and pick a playlist.

  17. Ha! No alien probing...

    Music has always been an important part of my life. A source of inspiration, a way to get revved up or calm or even to bring on the pain. It's such a comfort, isn't it?


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