Thursday, August 25, 2011

Everyday I'm Shufflin'

1. I spent the first two weeks of August with my family in the Outer Banks. The beach. One of my most favorite places in the world.

2. I've never been on a two-week vacay before.

3. It was freaking amazeballs.

4. When we got there, my parents took one look at all my suitcases and told me it looked like I was MOVING to the beach (I wish) and teased me about overpacking.

5. I told them I had exactly enough to wear and that they'd be the ones who wished they packed more.* And, seriously, what did they mean "excess?" Who doesn't bring three pairs of shades to the beach? (And pick up another pair while there?)

6. I spent half my time dancing around--because, how can you not dance around at the beach?

7. And half my time watching the water, thinking. About life. And my WIP. And, you know, deep things. (Pun totally unintended and only discovered after rereading this post . . . )

8. My husband did not spend half the time thinking about deep things.

9. I read a LOT of books. And yes, they're kind of an eclectic mix. But y'all. The Passage? I mean, I don't read a lot of non-YA lit (which you'd never know based on the picture, ha) but o.m.g. The Passage was AWESOME.

AND I read even more on my Kindle . . .
10. We ate TONS of fresh seafood. And never got sick of it. Fresh grilled tuna steaks, turned into tunafish salad the next day. Grilled swordfish. Mahi Mahi sandwiches. Shrimp and grits. I even tried steamers for the first time. OMG YUM. That's all I have to say about that.

11. The title of this post is literal, not just a reference to LMFAO. Seriously, we played cards for hours each day. Sevens, Oh Hell, Mi Mi . . . Ten points to anyone who's ever head of any of those games. They're superb. But so so so little known.

12. The title of this post IS also an LMFAO reference. Because I saw them in concert with Kesha last Sunday. Superb time. Blog post to come with pics!

So tell me: Have you been on vacay this summer? How have your Augusts been? Have you ever played any of the card games I mentioned?


*I was wrong. They were right.


  1. Glad you got to enjoy the Outer Banks, especially as they are now evacuating them for the hurricane.

  2. I was at the LMFAO and Ke$ha concert a few weeks ago here in Austin...I recognized the reference immediately! I would give my husbands left arm to be on a beach right now! Looks like you guys had a great time...


  3. Well, you already know what I've been doing all summer, and that I approve of beach lifestyle. (dude, you've never had steamers before???? WTF? Glad that's remedied.)

    Also, it's Ke$ha..not Kesha, and I'm glad you had fun. :)

    I enjoyed the Passage too. (but you know that already)
    And even though I know many who write strictly YA, I strongly believe it is important for all writers to read widely across genres and age categories...to include poetry and non-fitction. And I also strongly believe there is no hierarchy in literature. There is good and bad writing/storytelling/craft in every genre and age category. But I won't go off on that tangent here. *blushes*

    And, lastly, I overpack too. *sigh* But, hey, how do we know what we need? I mean, we could have a formal dinner to attend, right?

    I hope you are writing!! You promised.
    Have a happy weekend. :)

  4. Hahaha! Chronic overpacker here, too. It's always the shoes. I never want to leave home with less than three pair...

    You look so tan and happy! Glad you had a great time. I think I need a two week beach vacay. Like yesterday!

  5. We spent a week in the Outer Banks two years ago, and had a great time other than the frequent encounters with biting flies. We stayed near Corolla, which is supposedly home to a large herd of wild horses, so maybe that was the source of all the blood suckers.

    Haven't been on vacation this summer, but we live five minutes from the ocean, so why leave?

    Glad you had a good trip :)

  6. I went to San Diego this summer to see my friend. And played at the beach! It was amazing. We went swimming in the ocean! I'm from Oregon, you don't swim in the ocean here unless you have a death wish. It was a new experience for me! I swam in the ocean in Costa Rica back when I was nine, but I don't really remember it, so I was kind of freaking out that I was actually swimming IN THE OCEAN. It was awesome.

  7. Those pictures are freakin' adorable! We went to Disneyland and then to San Diego this summer. :-)

  8. I love your dancy picture! You are so cute!

    I live close to the beach and go there often and I still love it every single time. And, man, there is nothing like a beach vacation for getting your head where it needs to me. The salt sea air is magic.

  9. Sounds like a great vacation--the pics made me realize just how long it's been since I've seen the ocean!

  10. i think the longest vacay i've done was 10 days. A full 2 weeks is CRAY CRAY!
    Also, amazeballs is the best thing i've read in a while. I need to start using that asap

  11. I LOVE these pics. :) So glad you had a great vacay. I haven't had one this summer, but I go to Disney like every other weekend so I can't complain.

  12. Um...beyond jealous. So glad you had an amazing time! I LOVE going to the beach and while I've never heard of your card games, we enjoy playing Spit. And Garbage.

    Love the post title. Now I have that song in my head - which is totally fine. :)

  13. I've played Sevens! And what great pictures. I would literally kill to go to the beach right now.

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