Monday, November 7, 2011

Hola :)

So, I know, it's the truth: I have been seriously neglecting Babbling Flow. It's not on purpose. And it's definitely not YOU. It's me. I swear. It's just I have this . . . you know . . . life. And it kind of gets in the way sometimes.

Well, okay. It's not always life. Sometimes I have a few hours where I *could* blog, but I choose to catch up on tivo instead. (See, I'll always tell you the truth.) It's not a crime or anything. But it can feel like one. To me anyway. Because I miss you guys. And now. Here I am. Writing in these choppy sentences. For no reason.

*stops all the choppy*

I'm just trying to say I'm back--kind of, anyway. Insofar as I am going to make an effort to update this place more often. It's not like I've run out of things to say. (Although . . . another truth: Sometimes it feels like I don't talk about important enough things. But I have plenty of silly left to share. That counts, right?)

So. Here are some of the things that have been on my mind of late:

1. Are any of you watching Revenge? (One of the aforementioned tivoed shows.) Dude. It's awesome. I am so, so, so digging it. And I swore I wouldn't pick up any new shows this season, because I don't even have enough time to watch my usual favorites. I want to be writing with my free time, yanno? But the hubs watched the first episode and convinced me I would like it (even though he doesn't watch anymore) and I. am. hooked.

2. How the heck is it November already? Not that I'm complaining. October was crazy busy. But still. It's NOVEMBER. And on that note, did you know Karen Hooper's book, Tangled Tides, is coming out THIS MONTH. Or that you can pre-order it (here)? I may have already ordered one. Or five.

3. I'm going to ALA Midwinter with Cristin and Cambria. I'm sure I'll post about it again closer to the date, but in an early opportunity to make me even happier than I already am--are any of you guys coming too? (Ugh, of all places, it has to be Dallas. I mean, nothing against the city per se, but I'm a fairly hardcore Redskins fan, which means I hate the Cowboys. So it could get . . . awkward.)

4. That's it. I'm cutting myself off right here. I could grow this list longer than three items, but let's take baby steps, shall we? For now, I'm leaving the ball in YOUR hands. Tell me how you are and what you're up to! How's life these days?



  1. Haven't watched Revenge but have been watching Grimm and Once Upon A Time.

    No ALA midwinter--nobody to go with and no money. :(

  2. Revenge! I watched the pilot a few weeks ago and loved it! Now I've got all the subsequent episodes stacked up on my DVR. I need a veg-out TV day to get all caught up. Happy to have you back and posting! :)

  3. No new shows for me (although you might have me sold on Revenge). The hubs and I can manage about one show a week - Survivor.

    And I really, really REALLY wish I could go to midwinter ALA. I'd have to miss a day of exams and two days of school and...still trying to figure this one out. :(

    I wouldn't be comfy in Dallas either, Sara. GO EAGLES!!! :)

    Glad you're back! I love reading your posts!

  4. Nice to see you again. Even though it's in Dallas (such a drag) ALA sounds like it will be great fun, so have a good time.

  5. I just watched the first episode of Revenge a few days ago, and I got so hooked that I've now caught up. Such an awesome show! A totally valid reason to ignore us for a little while. :)

  6. I'm with Alexandra. Grimm and Once Upon a Time but no Revenge.

    I don't have the time to add more shows either, and my dvr may explode at any moment. It's recording Supernatural, Vampire Diaries and Secret Circle too. If you fast forward through all the commercials it doesn't seem like you're watching that much TV.lol

    Also, I'm a Houstonian so we sort of share the Cowboy hatred. Texans are kickin' ass!!!!

  7. Oooh, Revenge. Yeah, I pretty much like every part of this show, from the location, to the intrigue, to the characters. I liked the framing device, too, how the show started at the end of summer, and the rest of the season's episodes have been flashbacks. The mc keeps getting more and more interesting with every episode, too.

    Which reminds me, I really should get back to work on my wip... After I pre-order Tangled Tides. *looks around guiltily*

  8. My husband has been watching Homeland and I have been trying to resist it, but I can't. I'm so interested in it now, despite all of my best efforts to ignore it when he watches it.

  9. No, I haven't watched any Revenge (but M tivos, watches and loves it).

    I'm so excited for Karen. :)

    Well, I hate Dallas too, natch. But, I also greatly dislike the Skins and the Giants. That said, the Eagles aren't exactly lighting the world on fire.



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