Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Regarding Comments

How do you like your blog comments responded to?

I ask because there are so many ways for to do it--and I'm never sure which is preferable.

If you comment on someone's blog, do you like for them to reciprocate and respond to your most recent post? This is what I've been trying to do recently with comments here on my blog. When I can, that is! I've been so swamped with the move, I haven't had much time to comment these days. And even when I'm not gearing up to move, my blog reading list is a little out of control and I don't have time to read all the blogs I want to--or, when I do have a chance to read, I don't have time to comment everywhere--but I try very hard to make that effort for people who visit this place. Yanno? You visit me, I'll visit you sort of a deal.

But . . . If I'm being honest, that's not why I comment on other people's blogs. Like, I don't get offended if I comment on Blog X, and then Blogger X doesn't come over here to comment on my post. I know some people leave comments for that purpose--and I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it! That's a great way to build community and get to know people, for sure. But I just like to comment on posts that I actually have something to say about after reading. And that's what I'd like to happen here, too. If you have something to add or question or contribute, do it! But don't feel obligated just because I've commented on your blog.

So then there's the email response. Your comments come into my email account and, if your email is linked to your profile, I can hit reply and respond directly to you.

OR I can reply directly in my comments section on my blog. But with blogger, I don't think it notifies you that I've written back to you, which means you have to revisit my blog to see if I've responded. That sounds like an extra bit of work. However, I could always switch to Disqus, which a lot of blogs have already done. With Disqus, you'll be notified when I respond. So you don't have to come back again, unless you want to reply to my response.


Am I way over-thinking this? Probably. But I'm still curious--so let me know!!



  1. Time is definitely a factor when it comes to all this. Commenting is a great way to build community but it's also a big time suck factor. While I try to visit other the blogs of others who've commented, I can't always do it. And, for some reason, I'm terrible about replying to comments! I don't know why--maybe because I didn't get in the habit when I first started blogging and, since blogger added in the reply button, haven't yet gotten used to it.

    Personally, I'm always excited to get a comment but it totally doesn't bother me if someone doesn't reciprocate. I comment for reasons other than a comment-back (just like I follow people for reasons other than a follow-back).

    Clear as mud, right?

  2. I like Disqus. It's easy to install (you sign up and then install a widget on your blog--no more hassle than adding a badge for a blogfest, really) and easy to use. It also has features I like that aren't supported by Blogger.

  3. I like to reciprocate when someone has taken the time to read my post and comment on it. I think it's only fair. I don't expect people to reciprocate on my comments, but after awhile, I might grow bored of leaving comments and the next thing you know, I'm no longer visiting the blog. I think it's more annoying when you leave comments on a blog that gets maybe 10 comments and the blogger never reciprocates. I understand when you get 60. I've been there. I've spent an entire day reciprocating when that happens (fortunately it doesn't happen very often). But there's no excuse if you barely get any comments to begin with.

  4. Funny enough, I'm breaking my silence to make this my first comment on your blog. ;) I've been reading for a long time but the thing is, I'm always afraid to comment because I don't want to look like I'm just trolling around trying to get people to go to my own blog. Not the case at all (in fact, current circumstances what they are, I really don't blog about writing so mine would seem pretty random if you were to go over there). So, personally, I'm just fine if someone doesn't comment back or visit my blog or whatever. If I comment, it's because I have something (at least somewhat) valid to contribute.

    1. Aw, well thank you for breaking your silence!! And please don't ever feel afraid to comment if you want to. I promise not to think you're trolling ;)

  5. I try to reciprocate or reply by email whenever I can, but the time thing just kills me sometimes. I don't necessarily expect others to reciprocate my comments on their blogs--to me it's more about being a part of the community. We're all doing our best to participate, despite varying (but mostly very high) levels of busyness.

  6. I'm like you--I try to comment on the blogs of the people who comment on mine, if at all possible. I know it's asking a lot for people to revisit my blog after they've left a comment just to see if I've responded to it, and I figure they'd rather see my face at their own space.

    I've tried Blogger's reply option, and the Intense Debate commenting system (which also has a reply option), but both were kind of glitchy, and gave some of my regular commenters problems.

    It IS tough to keep up with everyone in the blogoshere, though, and get any other writing done. So mainly I just do what I can, when I can, and hope for the best. :)

  7. Great question! I try to always check out the blogs of those who comment on mine (in addition to the blogs I read regularly because they are in my reader). Sometimes it gets overwhelming if I'm having a busy day. Lately I've been thinking it would be better to leave comments only when I truly have something to add to the conversation--instead of a generic "great post!" But on the other hand, reciprocation seems important in the blogging community. I like getting short & sweet "great post!" comments on my own blog; it's nice to know that someone is reading even if s/he doesn't have a specific comment to make.
    Perhaps I'll start mixing comments with tweets--an @ shoutout on Twitter that you enjoyed a post is also a nice way to reciprocate.

  8. I try to reciprocate comments, but sometimes it is difficult to. I generally comment on those blogs I am following whether I agree with their post or not :) I just like letting them know I am listening.

  9. As you probably know, I far prefer to respond to comments on my own blog by email. I prefer the fact that I know people will see my response, and that we can have a private conversation, if needed.

    There are obviously drawbacks to this, but I still prefer it to plug-ins like CommentLuv, Disqus, and IntenseDebate. In fact, I know a blogger whose plug-in broke, she had to remove it, and lost thousands of comments on old posts. I'm sure that's rare, but it still scares me.

    That being said, I think Disqus is perfect for a group blog like YAC. My method is only my preference for my own little corner of the web.

  10. I tend to like it when people at least read my blog, if I have said something interesting on theirs.

    And I do, through the power of the almighty Googles, know who's been reading.

  11. I tend to just email people if their email is listed on their profile. I definitely don't look back at a post to see if a blogger responded to my comment on there--too much extra work!

  12. Like you, I enjoy commenting most when I have something thoughtful to say about someone's post. I doubt my comments are sincere or very interesting when I'm doing it out of obligation (like, for a blogfest where you're supposed to visit X blogs). I do like when I'm notified by email when one of my comments is responded to. I rarely remember to revisit blogs to see if I've gotten a reply, so it's fun to have a response pop up in my inbox.

    This is a great question, Sara... I've thought about this all a lot lately too!

  13. I just tweet the person if I reply to them and I think they would want to come back. But sometimes, I reply and I don't think there's anything else to say so I don't bother notifying the person. if they don't have twitter,then i go to their blog and leave them a link to the reply.

    I still prefer the blogger comment box than disqus.

  14. I'm trying more often lately to respond to comments, esp. since I don't get many comments on posts outside of blogfests and my weekly Six Sentence Sunday and Sweet Saturday Samples posts. I still need to work on visiting the blogs of strangers who leave comments, who somehow found me for a reason other than me commenting on their blogs or being on a blogfest/bloghop list.

    I'm still trying to figure out why some people just hit "Like" on a post instead of at least leaving a one-sentence comment saying they liked the post and why. I've clicked the links for some of these profiles, and a number of them make me wonder how in the world they found me and why they'd "like" posts on a primarily writing-based blog when their own blogs or websites have a much different scope.

  15. I used to respond by email, but so many people don't have their email connected to their profiles. Then I tried to comment on other people's blogs but that took forever, and sometimes the other person hadn't blogged in a while. Now I sometimes leave response comments on my own blog but I also wonder if the person actually sees them. Blogger should email them to people!

  16. Oh man, this is one of my biggest struggles in blogging.

    I always replied to comments by email to those who had their email addresses connected to their blogger profiles. Then Blogger added the reply feature, so now I reply to everyone within the comments. But I didn't like that it didn't actually notify them of a reply, so I actually C&P my reply from my post into an email and email it to the people who have an email address connected to their profile. It doesn't take a long time, BUT I used to be able to just reply to the emails as they came in, but I can't now because Blogger is blocked for me at work, so I can't reply to those comments until I get home. Doing it all at once instead of randomly throughout the day is a big time suck. (I don't even know if I explained that well.)

    And I have TRIED to visit the blogs of the people who comment on my blog, but I just can't do that AND reply to everyone's comment, too. It just takes so much time. And half of the time I get there and they haven't posted anything new and it's just so much of my time to click around, and sometimes I have nothing to say to their post, and...ugh, then it feels like an obligation.

    I have such a limited amount of free time at home, and I really need to use it for writing and/or spending time with my husband, you know?

    So..I don't know.

  17. I'm a fan of the email reply because blogger notifies me when a comment is left. Of course then it makes me crazy when peeps don't have an email address in their profile! But Disqus is pretty awesome and I love that I can see replies to my comments in my email inbox. Otherwise I'd be at YA Confidential wayyyy more than I already am. That would be disturbing.ha

  18. I do like to comment by e-mail to someone commenting on my blog. Because I know it's unlikely they'll come back to see if I comment. I don't on other people's blogs.

    I try to follow my followers' blogs but I get 50-60 comments on popular books so I can't follow everyone. Or follow the ones I do everyday. There just isn't enough time. So I think you do what you can and at times like these when you're getting ready for a move expect less of yourself. And your friends will understand.

  19. This is a good question and I can honestly say that I don't care how bloggers respond. Sometimes I get an email response, which is great. Sometimes they leave a comment on my blog, which is great. Sometimes they don't respond at all, and since I've been busy and my life is hectic too, I get it and completely understand. I like the way you operate - you comment when you've got something to say. That's perfect, my dear:)


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