Monday, February 8, 2010

It's on like Donkey Kong, Bia!

If you missed the original post about Saradise, CLICK HERE.

That's right... this is IT. From today until the last day of February, I am officially in Saradise mode. My days (and nights) are solely devoted to:
  • Shattered revisions
  • query perfecting
  • synopsis writing
  • CP reading
Oh, and continuing the outline/first draft of my new story if/when I have time.

I'm PUMPED. I haven't been motivated since I entered the whole laptop debacle. But I'm set up with my Mac (still unnamed, loved all the suggestions, am still thinking about it), my desk has been cleaned, my scene setting playlists are set up, and I'm stocked up with hot chocolate and marshmallows. Good. To. Go.

The best part is that I'm not alone--there's a group of us doing it, which is going to make progress even MORE successful, I can already tell! (PS if you're participating in Saradise, you should have recieved an e-mail from me today around 11:30! If you didn't--or if you want to be added--let me know.)

In other news, I would like to submit an official apology to Carol and Simon. Guys, I started a story for your contest and then completely forgot to finish/submit it in the excitement of packing for Miami.  I am so sorry! If/when you have your next contest, I pledge to enter it and promote it TONS for you!

This is a picture my friend Lucy shot of me throwing a tantrum when I realized, in Miami, what I'd forgotten to do:

I'm trying to catch up on blogs I missed while I was gone, but man it is HARD! If you wrote anything you want to make absolute sure I don't miss (or want to point me in the direction of someone else's awesome post) please leave me a link!!

And let me share this link with YOU! Alexandra switched her LJ to a blogger blog!  Make SURE to check her out and follow her! The Publication Follies of Alexandra Shostak

Off to celebrate Saradise! Tomorrow: Pics from Miami!!

♥ me


  1. Have fun in Saradise! Drink lots of margaritas and pina coladas. I'm sure they'll go perfectly with your marshmallows and hot chocolate! :-)

  2. It's gonna rock, chica!!! Goooooo us!!! Thanks for getting us going and all pumped up. I look forward to making progress alongside you.

    But please, no apologies, you goober!!!! None at all. I knew you were leaving town. Goodness, girl, talk about serious pressure on you! So much to do!! And although I know you would have done a brilliant job, our friendship doesn't require you to enter all my contests! I swear it ;) But thank you for being so sweet and thoughtful. Still--no heartbreak on my account. Got it???!!!!!! (although that picture, omg, how cute are you??? Awwww....)

    Love that you posted A's new blogsite. I should do the same tomorrow. I'm a dunce and didn't think of it.

  3. Have fun!! Can;t wait to hear all the writing etc. you got done in Saradise!! Enjoy :o)

  4. Yeah, what Carol said. I mean, I'm not one to judge when a martini (or amaretto sour, or manhattan, or beer, or gin and tonic, or hard cider, or rum cocktails, or... I, um, should stop now) gets in the way of writing. These things happen every now and then. And by every now and then I mean nightly.
    So, er... no hard feelings. :)

    Maybe I should sign up for Saradise. Or Simondise, as the case may be. Doesn't have the same ring. I've been seriously neglecting my WIP. I blame that on Carol. If she'd just capitulated to my demands regarding the contest, we'd have had the whole thing wrapped up last week. But nooooo. She had to go all, "I have opinions too, y'know" on me. Women.

    Where was I going with all this? Oh. I think I was just going to say welcome back. Then I got sidetracked. Hm.

  5. Yay--Sara's back--and just in time. I am in full Saradise mode. Gotta query by March. Gotta query by March. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

  6. Glad you're back - hope you had a fabulous time!

    Have fun in Saradise - my life is just to nutty to commit :)

  7. Shannon O, LOL are you kidding? I got my fill of pina coladas in Miami... I'm in detox during Saradise! ;-)

    Love you C ;-) That's all!

    Thanks Dominique!

    Erica, I can't wait to hear about all the writing I get done either, haha. Let's hope it's A LOT!

    Simon, you should totally do Saradise (Simondise, whatevs!) NO MORE WIP NEGLECTING! Bad Simon, bad! If you want in, just shoot me your e-mail address and I'll add you to the "accountability log" dun dun DUNNNN.

    Shannon M. I am SO happy to be back. Yay for full saradise mode :-)

    Thanks Jemi! It sounds like you're on track regardless of your nutty life, so I'm SO not worried about you at all!!

  8. I am taking a break from my WIPadise to leave a comment saying I AM SO STOKED for this!!! (I like my name cause it sounds like I'm cracking the whip...*wapoosh!*) I think I'm going to make tonight's goal, too!

  9. HOORAH for motivation! Ooh, and love that bed spread in Miami. Perfect for tantrums! Ha!

  10. Sara, love the blog. Saradise sounds awesome! Good luck with it! Hope it flows. :)

  11. Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog and have given you the Picasso award!

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