Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Permanent Magic Writing Stardust!

What happens in Miami does NOT stay in Miami. 

I'll let the pictures tell their own story... Just know that I had a BLAST even with the rain/cold weather/humidity. Miami just made its way to my second favorite city (second to Seattle) in the US. Everyone is so chill... and friendly. Though the drinks are muy expensivo, they are also excellently made. Especially the strawberry mojitos. I drank twice my weight in those bad boys.

So, here are a few of the tamer pics of the trip :-) Enjoy!

For starters, this is what my room looks like when I begin the whole "getting ready to go out" process...

Lots of this:

Led to lots of this: (Me laughing and pointing and thinking I'm hysterical)

I made friends with the bartenders.

I had several rough mornings/afternoons, as I'm sure you can imagine...

But I sucked it up because we were in MIAMI

Sometimes my husband only loves me because he has to...

My shoes are green. Lucy's are striped. We love them with boyfriend jeans.

Clearly, I never miss up an opportunity to work on my russian... especially when hammered

There may or may not have been a whipped cream fight at the bar...

What happens when your bag is so heavy the airline forces you to pay $70 to check it? Your husband makes you mail a box of stuff home before flying back...

We were determined to get on the beach, NO MATTER WHAT. Stupid cold/rainy weather did not scare us away. (Yes that IS a copy of Wondrous Strange. I finished it on the sand and it is amazing.)

I love my husband :-)

Drink all day and see what happens...

Besties on Ocean Ave.

I am all for world peace.

Did you know that in South Beach, sobriety is NOT a mandatory condition for getting a tattoo?
Because I decided to get one. Yep. A star. On my finger. It's filled in... and I LOVE it. (Thankfully.)
I now have permanent magic writing stardust* in my fingers. (*Thanks to Alexandra for the post-tattoo magic stardust concept!)

Seriously. If you're ever wasted in South Beach and want a tattoo, I recommend Salvation Tattoo Lounge.

Because, after you get one... you'll feel all hardcore and stuff.

And, finally... THIS is what my face looked like when Shannon texted me that she'd won an award at the San Diego State University Annual Writer's Conference:

Okay, that's all. I mean, it's not ALL, but it's all I'm sharing ;-)

♥ me


  1. Wow - wild weekend - looks like you had a great time. I loved the line about sometimes your husband only loves you because he has too - totally know the feeling. Congrats on your award.

  2. I cannot believe you can jump that high. I don't even think I'm that tall.

    These pictures are amazing. No exclamation point needed.

    That is all.

  3. LOL you look like you had a spectacular time! I can't decided which is the coolest to me, that you can do that Russian jump or that you got the cutest magic tattoo ever! Your tattoo suits you, it's magical and sparkly. (Okay, it probably doesn't REALLY sparkle, but in my mind stars always sparkle.)

    How's Saradise coming?

  4. LOL-Sara you are WAY too cute. I can't believe how high you can jump!!!!!!! Or that you can do the splits. Or that you can do that under the influence of mojitos without seriously injuring yourself (mojitos make walking a challenge for me... #lightweight!)

    And aw, thanks for the shout-out. I mean...I'm TOTALLY blushing right now. But you're sweet to mention me. (And you were seriously more excited than I was. I kinda stood there with a "What? No..WHAT?" look on my face. #lamesauce)

  5. Mary, haha thanks... it WAS a wild weekend :-)

    Heather, it's so funny you mention exclamation points... I think I'm writing a post in the near future in which I break up with them. I am such an overuser! And thanks :-)

    Angie Kate! I'm glad you like my tattoo!! I am totally in love with the little bugger, so it definitely worked out that I got one... I am going to message you about saradise!! I saw that you were in for it, but I don't have your e-mail address!!!

    Shannon :-) You always make me smile! And you're not #lamesauce at all... It's perfectly natural that you had that reaction! And it's your friends' jobs to make the faces I did right away because we're not crippled by the self-doubt you, and all...er... most writers are about themselves! We know how awesome you are and can be excited immediately!

  6. That sounds like a FABULOUS trip!!! I'm so jealous :D

  7. Oh my... what a weekend! LOVE IT!! We missed you but I have to say that seeing the spurts of entries was wonderful! Love the toe-touch jumps!
    I love the star too, great idea & very good place to put it.

    Awesome! Oh yeah - giving away another COACH bag - I thought of you! ;0)

  8. Looks like you had an awesome time! I wish I could get away!! Good for you getting a tattoo- I want one so badly but am too afraid. Congrats on the award as well!
    Oh, I finished Lament and I'm not reading Ballad...love them!

  9. Woot. I got your comment. My writer email is caspercommon[@]gmail[dot]com

    I'm pumped for Saradise!

  10. That cheerleading move is ridonkulous. I couldn't do that if someone had a gun to my head. It looks like you had a great time and I loved checking out the pics. I've never been to either Miami or Seattle--now I know I'm missing out!

  11. Sara, you crack me up girl. And you're wayyyyyy cooler than me. I must acknowledge this. I hope you still like me even though I'm a total lamo dork.

    Loving the new tattoo. Motivates me to finally get the one I've been wanting to get on my hip. Hmmmm...now I just need to figure out what to get. And, oh yeah, A's magic stardust??? How brilliant is that? Perfecto! Love this girl. Both of you ;)

  12. Loved your pics -- and the tatoo is too cute! Congrats on winning a writing contest. Whoo-hoo!

    Looking forward to signing on as a follower and reading more from you!

  13. I really need to go on a trip like that! Looks like you had a blast. And that jump is amazing; if I did that I would NOT be able to walk for a week.

  14. Wow! Looks like a lot of fun!! :)

  15. OMG I love you Sara! Your trip looks like it was a BLAST. Sorry your vacation is over, but I'm glad your back. I won't lie, I've been looking for my daily dose of Sara.
    Congrats on your stardust tattoo. GO SARADISE!

  16. This is HILARIOUS. You had me at "Always make friends with the bartender." Sooo true.

  17. Hey hon! I left you a prize on my blog!

  18. Oh, epic!

    If I got drunk and got a tattoo, it'd be a friggin' disaster. Go big or go home, I say. I'd probably do a full backpiece....

    Sounds like an awesome vacation, good lady. (I debated putting good in quotes, but opted against it. Aren't I discreet? :)

  19. You crack me up. Love the pics. I do heart Miami. What a great place to get your gangsta tattoo. ;)

  20. I don't think I could get a tattoo, myself...but yours is so cute! :D

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