Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cookies and Contests!! And Facebook, too.


As you may remember, my pal Cristin Terrill set up an online bakery called Sneaky Sweet.  Well, she sent me some samples and Oh. My. Goodness.

SO GOOD. Every. Single. Cookie.

If you want a treat, I highly recommend checking her site out. And they'd make GREAT gifts for family/parties/etc.

The only downer is that a certain household member were given the job of taking pictures and said certain household member took two measly unartsy pictures and then scarfed half of each pack down before I could stop him certain household member! But maybe that works even better to let you know how delicious everything looked/tasted!! We ate them for dinner when we got home from Miami!

Here are the two measly shots that my husband certain household member took:

And because we didn't get pictures of the rest, here are the two other types she sent me in samples with photos from her own website:

So you KNOW your mouth is watering right now.  What are you waiting for? Go get you somehttp://www.etsy.com/shop/sneakysweet 


Lots of great contests to get into this week!!

Jenni James is having a contest to promote the pre-order of Northanger Alibi, her modern Gothic remake of Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey, with a nod to Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series. (I see Twilight... I order!  Seriously, I pre-ordered two signed copies!) If you're interested, HURRY UP! The contest ends today!

Don't miss out on Karen Amanda Hooper's Loveapalooza! She's got some sweet lovey-dovey prizes going out. (Ends 2/14)

Lisa Mantchev is having a "What Would You Do for an ARC" contest to win an ARC of Perchance to Dream. (If you haven't read Eyes Like Stars, I don't know why you're reading this blog. Go. Get. A. Copy.) You'll see my entry tomorrow via... VLOG... probably... (Ends 2/12)

Mary Campbell is having a book giveaway in honor of reaching 100 followers. I haven't read any of the books she's giving away and I REALLY want to! (Ends 2/12)

Melissa is also having a 100 followers contest, but she's giving away a $25 Barnes & Noble giftcard!! (Ends 2/12)

Southern Princess's Contest O'Love! (Even a COACH bag included!) (Ends 2/12)

Shannon's giving away a SIGNED copy of Buying, Training and Caring for your Dinosaur! (Ends 2/14)

Falen's $25 Barnes & Noble Giftcard Giveaway for reaching 50 followers! (Ends 2/12)

If I forgot to mention anyone's contest, just let me know!!


Okay, so least importantly for my post today... I just wanted to give an open invitation to facebook friend me!!  Click on the widget below (or the on in my sidebar) and friend me :-)


  1. Thanks for the mention! I so need to get some of those butterfly cookies! Beautiful!
    What a delicious treat to have when you got home from vacay!

  2. I have to say, for being "unartistic," your cookie pics turned out way better than mine. *sniff*

    So many fab contests!! Must. Enter.

    Thanks for posting these, sweetie peetie lemoneetie.

  3. Courtney, no prob :-) And they ARE beautiful!! And taste awesome!

    Frankie, I actually though of you while I was posting this--I knew you'd be into the vegan ones!

    Carol, sweetie peetie lemoneetie is my new favorite phrase EVER!

  4. Oh those cookies look incredible! And our mom has Celiac disease so I'm sure she would appreciate the chocolate chip ones.

  5. I am all over the Sneaky Sweet cookies - bookmarking now! I knew Frankie was going to be excited about the vegan ones! :-)

  6. Holy contests! Gotta love it!

    Oh my gosh, this is not a good post for someone who is trying to cut out snacking. No, not at all! Good thing I'm not that someone. lol! Yum!

  7. oooh those baked goods look so nummy!
    I'm also terrible at taking pictures of food, because i almost ALWYAYS start to eat it before i remember to take out the camera

  8. Those goodies look so good!

    And the contests do as well :) Thanks for the links!

  9. I have no idea where sweetie peetie lemoneetie came from. I'm a dork.

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  11. Thanks for the shoutout! You're too sweet!

    And speaking of sweet, those cookies look soooo good. I'll have to check out that site;)

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