Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Alice in Wonderland: The movie, the book, the POLISHES...

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I saw Alice in Wonderland two weekends ago. It. Was. Amazing.


It's PG. Usually I see a PG rating and head for the hills, but I just couldn't pass this one up. I loved every second of it. Johnny Depp is phenomenal as the Mad Hatter. Anne Hathaway played a great White Queen (even with her weird hand motions all over the place--they kinda grew on me, and I loved that she had that fascination with dead things/potions) and I loved Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen.

I saw the movie in 3D, which I highly recommend--though I'm sure even visuals in the regular versions are outstanding. The visuals--the creatures and the landscapes and, gosh, EVERYTHING--outstanding. At times, I definitely similarities to some of the scene/settings from LOTR, but I didn't mind even a little bit.


A couple weeks ago, I posted about these awesome old books I now own. And one of them? You guessed it--Alice's Adventures in Wonderland! AND it's a two-part book that also includes Through the Looking Glass. It was printed in 1946 and it's even illustrated. It's not in good condition, but as you already know (if you read the other post about old books) I could care less. I love it just the same!!

I took some pictures of fun things inside--enjoy!
I just love the little font representing the little voice!


In one of the prize packages for my contest (which ends today btw) I'm giving away a mini OPI Alice in Wonderland nail polish set. All the colors rock, but I got two colors for myself when I ordered the gift set. And I am OBSESSED. So I thought I'd show you what the colors look like in real life. To be honest the pictures don't really do them justice, because in real life these polishes POP. Trust me.

I definitely need to thank Derek Molata for introducing me to the OPI Alice in Wonderland polishes. While I sit here and stare at my blue sparkling toes, I can't help but to smile--and I owe it all to him! What can I say? The guy knows his polishes!

First up, we've got Mad as a Hatter:
It's pretty fierce. I painted a dark purple base underneath to keep the color a little darker, but it really is a glitzy glitter rainbow when you see it in real life. A definite keeper!

And next is my current fave--Absolutely Alice:

I love the royal blue glitter--and there are these super awesome flecks of gold... I'm a huge fan!

Let me just extend that a bit and say that I'm a huge fan of ALL things Alice in Wonderland! In case you didn't get that from this post =)

Have you seen the movie? What'd you think?

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  1. LOVED it. I thought it was beautiful, poignant & a great representation of her entire story. Alice was perfect, the Red Queen - AMAZING, Mad Hatter - Oh Johnny how I love thee... ;o)Tim Burton surprised me so much that I had to see it more than once *grinssheepishly*

    Great post! What a wonderful find in the vintage book! Gorgeous!

    Visit My Kingdom Anytime

  2. I thought it was fantastic, and I've been a life-long Alice fan. I'm not even that big a Johnny Depp fan, but I thought the casting was spot-on. I especially liked the girl who played Alice! She was so perfectly awkward and odd and brave, but the best was definitely the Cheshire Cat. He's the coolest character in literary history. :-)

  3. Fun post, Sara! Love the peeks into the old Alice book. DId you reread it before the movie? I have to see that movie!
    Love, love, love the polishes (and your shoes!)

  4. Cool post, Sara! Really cute and unique- especially the toe nail polishes. I am pedicure obsessed, so it is cool to see someone else who can relate that to movies and books. I haven't seen Alice yet, but I was thinking about it- I guess from your raving review I should check it out! Thanks for the pics of the book too, it's always cool to see vintage things.

  5. I loved the movie, too! I know people who are sticking their noses up at the idea of seeing it because it's like a "sequel" but I keep telling them that it's so pretty to look at it doesn't really matter. That nailpolish is fab, too. I never wear nailpolish, but if I had some like THAT I'd probably wear it all the time.

  6. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I hope to. Your books are ay-may-zing! I love the fonts and illustrations.

    Love, love, love the polish! :-)

  7. It seems like books these days don't get to play that much with font size and location and stuff like that. It's kind of sad :(

    And I gotta ask... What's with all the feet pics? I like the tattoo, but I am curious :)

  8. I saw the movie on Sunday and loved it...though I did find the White Queen's weird hand gestures distracting. But it was a very, very pretty movie. And so much fun, I'd definitely see it again.

  9. I liked it too. I want to be the White Queen when I grow up. Do they have a White Queen polish?

  10. I loved the movie as well. So, did you come up with an answer to the question: When is a raven like a writing desk? And I loved the thought of coming up with six impossibilities before breakfast.
    What wonderful shots of the book! I loved the page where the text snakes down the page.
    Hmm, I wonder if I could work that into my next book. Great post!

  11. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I LOVE the story. OMG how cool is that book you have! I know you'll treasure it ;o) You have beautiful feet, if I posted my toes on the screen it would totally break... Ha.

    I'm very eager to see the movie - maybe this weekend!

    Great post - thanks for sharing ;o)

  12. I'm so late in commenting on this, lol. I LOVED the movie. Saw it twice and I totally want to see it in 3D now. Anne Hathaway bugged me a bit, but I think Helena Bonham Carter rocked as the red queen. However, when Alan Rickman spoke as the blue caterpillar all I could think of was Snape from HP. I want Alice's dress from the Red Queen!

  13. Dude, you should totally be a foot model. Love that polish, and I love the one that matches your tattoo. Very cool.

    I really should see the movie, but I likely won't see it until it comes out on DVD. Such is life. You know I saw the original handwritten copy of Alice in Wonderland (I think at the time it was called Alice's Adventures, but I don't remember for sure) in the British Library? LOVED it. If you ever go to London, you must go here. It's for writers what the Louvre is for artists.

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