Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Book Signings

Over the weekend I went to a signing by Maggie Stiefvater. And I was totally impressed. (I mean, even more so than the fact that she wrote one of my favorite books of all time.)

In all honesty I was only there for about seven minutes. I, being the blonde that I am, left my house in Northern Virginia at 12. The signing started in Charlottesville at 1. Um, yeah. It takes 2 hours to get there from my house. Woops! So, I made it there by 2. And I'd previously planned to meet a friend for Alice in Wonderland at 2:35 in a different part of town. Sara=Einstein with time management. So I didn't have a chance to stick around (though Sara also=super shy and probably would have been too shy hang around anyway).

But still, I am really glad I went. Aside from getting to meet one of my favorite authors, in those seven minutes, here are a few of the things I was impressed with/learned:
  • IMPRESSED: Maggie was super laid-back and friendly. Clearly comfortable in her surroundings, she was joking around and made the entire atmosphere seem relaxed. 
  • LEARNED: We were talking about my crit partners (because obviously I got all of them signed copies of Shiver) and she remarked that we sounded like good writers.  I mumbled something like, "Well they are... We'll see how I do." And then she dropped this goldmine: "You rise to the level of your peers." Which, 1) made sense, and 2) made me super excited because my peers are pretty freaking amazing.
  • LEARNED: It's okay to beat up on your husband as long as it's in the name of research for a book. Maggie even hit her unsuspecting love with a guitar to see what sound he'd make. (It was ow, followed by something hyphenated, just use your imagination.) I've already got some "research" ideas in mind to try out on my own husband =) (just kidding!) (okay, not really...)
  • IMPRESSED: Maggie didn't want to murder me (or chose not to remark upon it if she did) for the cramping her hand had to have felt from all the books I asked her to sign. (What? I wanted copies for my CPs/friends and I might, just might, have gotten a copy for an upcoming giveaway...)
And now that I have my own shiny signed copy, I'm dying to reread Shiver. I was going to try and hold out until right before Linger releases, but I just can't wait. I'll read it once now and then again in July. (Excuse me while I go cry again over not winning an ARC of Linger... *SOB*) So, when I make it through the next few books on my TBR list, I'll definitely be diving back into Shiver. AND look at the awesome wine I got to drink while I read! Seriously, if I thought she'd accept wine from a stranger, I'd send Maggie a bottle.

Seriously, how perfect?

(The wine is from a VA winery--Sweely Estate Winery--and is a blend of merlot and cabernet franc. I have no idea if it's any good, but I'll be sure to let ya know!)

PS. even though you can't see all the books in that left column--that's my current TBR pile. 

You know how some girls fantasize about Brad Pitt? Well, I fantasize about book signings--my own book signings. And now I know a little bit more about how I'd like them to go if that time ever comes my way.

♥ Sara 


  1. Glad you had such a good time (and made it in time. lol)Love what she said about rising to the level of our peers. That means I'm destined to be awesome. ;)

  2. It's a good fantasy to have :)

    Sounds like a great experience. You sure packed a lot into 7 minutes!

  3. Judging by your hilarious post, I think you'll do fab at your own book signing! Great story to share. Thank you. (love the rise to the level of your peers quote)
    For your wait - I'd suggest reading the Dead-tossed waves. I'm almost done and it's awesome.

  4. That is fantastic, Sara! Aw, I'm a little jealous. I would love to go to one of these. I'm sorry you didn't get more time, but you learned so much in those seven minutes. So worth it!

  5. So much fun! Love the post and love what she said about your peers. What a wonderful thought!

    Oh and um I LOVE INK EXCHANGE...you must read it soon. ;o)

    Visit My Kingdom Anytime

  6. I think it was possible for you to be any more awesome. And here you are, being all awesomer.

    Love that you met Maggie! Love that you got me a signed book!! LOVE that you are so special and amazing and talented and wine-drinky and book-learny and kind and intelligent and thoughtful and awesomer.

    And I'm just a wee bit jealous that you got to meet her.

    But I still adore you ;) <3 <3 <3

  7. OK, I must be seriously tired.

    That first line was supposed to read: I DIDN'T think it was possible.


  8. That wine looks so cool! You crack me up, Sara - that's exactly how I am with MY time management. Maybe we were separated at birth. :-)

  9. I love what she said about rising to your peers! Aren't book signings fun? I go to all of the ones I can if I'm a fan. I especially love the ones where they give a little talk first or allow questions.

  10. This is so much FUN! It looks like you has a blast.

  11. Maggie is totally superb to meet in person -- and she's chock full of excellent advice! Wonderful use of your seven minutes!

  12. Excellent! Now I will rise to the level of you fine people. That totally explains why my creativity has been in overdrive ever since I met you guys :)

  13. I've only been to a book signing at a conference and it was fun. Had Kristin Cashore do a signing while another of the authors was doing a reading. The one I missed that night during the signings was Tamora Pierce because she went to the other authors readings and didn't sign till around midnight. But she sat right next to me during a group discussion the next day. So, afterwards she signed my book. It was all great.

  14. Did you really just say "Sara=super shy?" Rly?

    *snort* *snarf*

    That's awesome about the rising to the level of your peers thing. Your peers are pretty damn good. But you are too, so shaddup with the self-deprecation. K? K. Thx. Bai.


  15. Awesome! So glad you had a good time, even if just for 7 minutes. I <3 book signings. Such a fun time. Love the wine! And I agree, you do rise to the potential of your peers. And beyond, in some cases. :)

  16. Hey there, Maggie pointed me to your post, because she knows I am a wino and would love that wine. The description sounds pretty bad, actually, but that doesn't mean it won't be awesomely fun!


    ps. You'll love LINGER.

  17. That must have been a lot of fun. So cool! We can learn so much from published authors and not just from their writing! Glad you got to go!

  18. I'm so jealous right now!

    I was actually in a bad mood yesterday so I read the candy shop scene of Shiver... now I must reread the entire book again!

  19. Yay! Another fun author event! I loved Shiver! Very cool bottle of wine!

  20. Wait ... you? Shy? I'm seriously surprised.

    Although I myself am an introvert and take a while to get to know others unless it's part of my job, so yeah. Okay.

    Anyway, she's right. You DO rise to the level of your peers. Excellent CPs push you hard and make you sort of want to either cry or punch them in the face.

    Also, I think she would *love* the wine. You should email her a link to this post. She'd enjoy it.

    Does this count as stalking too? If so, I'm forced to remind you I'm a NINJA. It's what we DO.

  21. Also, you were silent on the sheer AWESOMESAUCE that is Alice. Por que? And I'd love a signed copy of Shiver. When's the contest?

    (p.s. I've read the LINGER ARC and you're going to love it.)

  22. Karen, isn't it awesome to know you have such amazing peers to rise up to???

    Jemi, it is a fun fantasy to have. You'd be surprised how often I have it, lol.

    Terry Lynn, TDTW is NEXT on my list to read! I just finished The Forest of Hands and Teeth and LOVED it!!

    Nisa, it was totally worth it! I highly recommend going if you have the time and anything nearby =)

    Southern Princess, I can't wait to get to Ink Exchange! I loved Wicked Lovely and I'm excited for Fragile Eternity as well!

    Carol, I knew exactly what you meant! And I adore you ALSO!

    Shannon--omg I bet we WERE separated at birth! I've wondered that frequently while reading YOUR posts!

  23. Catherine, I KNOW. I'm going to another one next Monday for an author I LOVE (Patrick Rothfuss, adult high fantasy writer) and I'm hoping to manage my time better for this one to get there early and, um, maybe chat if I can get up the courage this time around.

    Cleverly Inked--I definitely enjoyed it =)

    Donna, I find that completely believable, based on my own experience!

    Alexandra, I have to say I think your creativity has been in overdrive because you have amazing ideas and an abundance of imagination my dear!

    Dawn, that sounds like a lot of fun! I'm going to my first conference in May... *is super nervous*

  24. SIMON, I am too shy! Really, I swear =) in person. Perhaps not as much online... and PERHAPS I wouldn't be shy around you seeing as how much I talk to you =) Oh, and btw I am loving you right now for that compliment <3

    ChristaCarol, Do you go to signings often? They are fun =)

    Tessa, hi! Yeah, that was the only type they had at the store I went to, but online there are a bunch of different types of Wolftown! And, thanks SO much for rubbing it in about Linger ;-)

    Laura, you're absolutely correct, and thanks!

    Mariah, don't be jealous! Just go reread Shiver and I'll bet you'll find that happiness again, lol!

  25. Kelly, isn't it a cool bottle!! It was such cool timing to find it that same day!

    CJ, I am shy! Not online... obviously. And I think Maggie did see the post because she sent Tessa over to check out the wine =) OH and about Alice? I didn't mention it because I'M DOING AN ENTIRE POST TO THE AWESOMESAUCE THAT IT WAS. Thursday. Check it. that was also the first time I believe I've ever used the term awesomesauce! lol

  26. Thank heavens you made it in time. And what a sweetheart you are for getting books signed for all your friends! I hope Maggie makes it down to Texas for the book tour for Linger; I'd love to see/hear her. Thanks for blogging about this, I love to hear of author events.

  27. If you surround yourself with greatness, it will bleed into you. Trufax.

  28. You WILL have one someday. You work hard for it.

  29. Great update! (How was the wine?)

    You rise to the level of your peers...I LOVE this! What wise words! I'm glad I surround myself with such amazing people.

  30. Wow, that sounds awesome! Maggie seems so cool from what I've heard. You are too sweet to get copies for others ;o)

    That's a great realization, ""You rise to the level of your peers." Brilliant.

    Thanks for sharing ;o)

  31. Great post! I dream about walking into B&N and seeing one of my books. :)


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