Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Few Things...

1. I love twitter! But I took a break from it for the past month or so to work on a revision. And now that I'm back I kinda forget how to use it..

2. I mean, I know how to use it--but I feel so out of the loop with twitter convos! Plus it's like the "witty remarks" section of my brain freezes when I sign in. Ah, well... I'm sure I'll get the hang of it again soon!

3. At the end of September I had a molar extracted. It's my own fault really, I split the tooth like a year and a half ago, but am so scared of the dentist that it took me that long to make an appointment. And because I waited so long it came down to a very special root canal that would cost $2k after insurance, or an extraction for like $100 including laughing gas.

4. I love laughing gas.

5. But there is no sound in the world as creepy as the sound of your tooth forcibly being cracked out of your mouth. Seriously, my dentist took these plier looking things and broke the bone out.

6. In four different pieces.

7. That's four times the fun of listening to breaking bone.


9. Did you just shudder? I do, every time I think about it.

10. I went back a week later to have a filling done, but they didn't do the filling because the wound in my mouth was still open.

11. Just kill me now.

12. I miss chips and carrot sticks* and other crunchy foods that I still can't eat.

13. In other news, I'm going to see the Washington National Opera perform Salome tonight! I can't wait. I've never been to an opera before. In my mind, I'll be all Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman tonight.

Something like this:

       Me: How do I look?

       Husband: Hm... There's something missing.

       Me: Well nothing else is gonna fit in this dress.

       Husband: Maybe something in this box.

I reach my hand out
Husband slaps the box closed
I laugh hysterically

       Husband: No, really. Can you hold my cell in your purse?
                         That thing's big enough to hold a freaking elephant.

       Me: Sigh.

And later:

       Me: So. You said this is in Italian German.
              So how am I gonna know what they're saying?

       Husband: Believe me, you'll understand. The music is very powerful
                         There's a translation running on the screen above the stage

And finally, at the end:

My eyes fill with tears at the beauty of the scene.
Husband looks at me and realizes how much he loves me

       Husband: What? You got allergies or something?


14. Anyway, I'm super excited because we're hanging out with Cristin Terrill afterward!! She totally rocks and sometimes we get together at Starbucks to write to gossip to write :)

15. Have you seen this yet? Just in case you haven't, I'm posting it because it's freaking AWESOME. And it's in lieu of my Friday Funny this week! SO, enjoy!!

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake 
rap through the history of hip-hop

From Sugarhill Gang's Rapper's Delight all the way through 
Jay Z and Alicia Keys' Empire State of Mind

16. The winner of the SIGNED copy of Siren by Tricia Rayburn is...


more drumroll

Karen Hooper!!!


*tosses sparkles and glitter*

17. In sad news, I lost two blog followers on Monday. This makes me sad. I love you guys! Don't leave me! I've been out of the blog loop recently, due to the aforementioned revision, but I'm slowly wading back in...

18. I'm announcing a pretty awesome contest next week! I hope you'll all stop by!

And, finally...

19. How have your weeks been so far? Anything fun and exciting? Or, you know, gross like my dental story?

*that is a BLATANT lie. I don't miss carrot sticks at all

Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Wow so much has been going on in your life recently! Congrats about the molar extraction. :P Congrats to the winner of Siren. Oh, and it's sad when one loses followers, but what can you do? Hope you get over it eventually hahaha.

  2. Ohh, your poor mouth!!!
    But you do get to go to the opera with your hubby! I hope there's at least a twenty dollar bill hidden under his cell phone :). Have fun! Needless to say, I've never been to the opera!
    Your video isn't working but I"ll google it because I love when Jimmy Fallon and JT do skits. They are hilarious!

  3. omg, your dentist story makes me want to cry and throw up. I hate going to the dentist but in order to prevent mulitiple visits, I got every six months. Sigh. Vicious cycle.

    I would looooove to go to the opera. The Man would NOT go. He wouldn't even go with me to see Michael Buble who's one kewl kat!

  4. Oh, ouch. I hate going to the dentist. That just sounds so very unpleasant. I love your Pretty Woman vision of the opera--I'm sure it will happen just like it does in the movie :) Have an awesome time!

  5. Ugh, your tooth story gave me flashbacks of my wisdom tooth extractions...*violent shudder, mild nausea* You'll be back on chips in no time, though. Have fun at the opera!

  6. 1. I had a molar 'pulled' last year...for the very same reason. I HATE dentists (and Dr.'s in general. They always stick me w/ needles which TERRIFY me.) ... and anyway, the dentist gassed me up (gassing me up is mandatory, or I won't even get them cleaned) I didn't let me near me until I was cranked ALL THE WAY...he had to keep turning that dial UP. After he worked on it with his pliers...he still couldn't get it...so...
    he climbed up on top of my lounge chair, stood over me (in a non-touching straddle) for leverage and took hold of the pliers and yanked it back & forth (my head with it) with all his strength...*crunch* *crack* !!!
    It isn't the bone that makes all that noise, it's the tooth and its roots.
    And it shall haunt me FOREVER.
    The MOST disgusting sound.
    All the gas in the world doesn't lessen the horror.

    And I got to leave with a big bloody wad of gauze jammed in my mouth to absorb all the blood. Husband was in the waiting room and took one look at me, scooped me up, and promised me all the online shopping I wanted.
    I ate a lot of yogurt and pudding and soup.

    Never again.

    2. The blog followers could be: old followers that shut down their blogs or sometimes when we have contests there are 'contest whores' who just go around finding contests and follow only long enough to try and win, then unfollow. I doubt it had anything to do with you or your content. :)

    3. Have fun at the opera!


  7. WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!! *does a lil dance*
    I WON! :) My mom called me this mornin asking if I had the winning Powerball ticket since it was a FL winner. I got all excited, thinking it could be me. It wasn't. :(
    But at least I won a book! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    That tooth story was horrible. Don't ever repeat it.

    I love how realistic your opera scene was. lol. Have fun! :) XO

  8. I am sorry about your horrific dental experience. Terrifying. Now I know not to send you a carrot stick car package. Glad your back!! Have a great day.

  9. I know what you mean. I've been a a twitter slump myself.

  10. I hate going to the dentist! It's the most awkward and awful thing ever. I'm sorry about your tooth. (And that you can't have carrot sticks, ha!)

    Have a wonderful time at the opera, Sara!!! Did you know that scene when Richard Gere closes the jewelry box on Julia's fingers wasn't in the script? The director liked it so much (because who doesn't love Julia's beautiful smile and laugh?) he kept it in. :)

  11. Speaking of the dentist... I really should make an appointment. Can't remember the last time I went and that's never a good thing. *hangs head*

    Have a great time at the opera!

  12. LOL. I why is real life never as magical as movies???? Have an awesome time at the Opera!!! :)

  13. You poor thing. I hope it all heals and gets back to normal soon. But yay for surviving the dentist! I knew you could do it. Have a great time at the opera!

    Congratulations, Karen!!

  14. Hey, did you know that there's one particular woman who sings the role of Salome who, during the Dance of the Seven Veils, gets completely buck-ass nekkid? It's true. She's done the performance in Philly a couple times (I never saw it, but my wife did).

    Maybe your husband would look forward to it more if you told him that. :D

  15. Look at all those things! Wow!

    Sorry about your mouth - I can only imagine. I've always wanted to see Salome so I'm jealous!

  16. That video is AMAZING. Both of them have skill, I'm just sad Fallon isn't using his. :) Following and looking forward to more.

  17. Dentists scare me too! I have to get my wisdom teeth out soon... ugh!

    Have fun at the opera! I love live theater and opera, but MJ draws the line at musicals and Shakespeare - he won't go see any operas with me. Boo!

  18. Oh no! Are you still in pain? Hope you feel better soon!

    That History of rap video is hilarious. And I've been on Twitter for, like, a year and it still intimidates me! #sarahfail

  19. Congrats! You won an award at my blog!
    So come check it out at the cafe of answers!



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