Monday, December 7, 2009


Recently I've been asked a lot of questions about the #amwritingparty hashtag on twitter. And I thought I'd tell you a little bit about it.

Here's how it began:

One night I was really struggling with motivation while working on Shattered. I hopped on twitter and started chatting with other writers on #amwriting. (One of the three best twitter hashtags for writers, in my opinion, along with #yalitchat and #askagent.)

Usually, #amwriting really helps to spark motivation - there are SO many other writers to converse with! But on that particular night, everyone seemed to be struggling the same way that I was. Instead of motivating each other, we all were procrastinating (complaining even).  But you see, I had a self-imposed deadline to meet. I needed to be writing!

So spur of the moment, I suggested we take it up a notch, for the evening, and have an #amwritingparty! And it WORKED! For some reason, the little twist helped me and the others who participated to find our writing grooves.  We gave progress updates every half hour, cheered each other on, and even handed out rounds of ficticious shots. Time flew by - and so did the word counts. It was great!

I only meant for it to be a one night thing - because #amwriting is a fun place to hang out, believe me! But the party kind of took on a mind of its own. The next night it flared up again. And the next. And then the next. And it's been going strong ever since. And it's wonderful! There aren't really any "hosts" per se because people hop on and off as they please, but there are some really fun regulars--so be sure to check it out!

Here's what it's all about:
  • #amwritingparty is a place for writers at any part of the writing process. Writing, planning, editing, querying, etc. (even just taking a break!)
  • #amwritingparty is a 24/7 party! Though it really picks up in the evenings.
  • Sometimes we share lines from our works in progress (WIPs). The other night we played #WIPFire every half hour where you'd scroll randomly to a place in your WIP and share that line. It was fun, and frequently hysterical.
  • We have "Internet cocktails" pretty much every night - and Carol even sprinkles sparkly word dust out for writers who need motivation!
  • We often make word count pledges (#pledge4k etc) or page edit pledges. Very beneficial to the whole writing process, I promise!
  • #amwritingparty is a crew of really, really supportive writers - and anyone is invited to participate at any time!
Any of my blog reading #amwritingparty crew - feel free to add any of the fun things that I've missed!!

Here are a few examples of the fun #amwritingparty comments made in recent days:

@cvaldezmiller: @_rachelsimon Let me offer you some sparkly wordy dust. Will help you write! *sprinkle sprinkle* Happy writing! #amwritingparty

@Danisidhe: Thansk to #amwritingparty I did really well yesterday so I'm committing to you guys that I will do another 1000 words of plot again today :D

@a_shostak: @cvaldezmiller How far are you in your writing goal today? I just finished the 4k ;) #amwritingparty

@lkgg: If I'm watching the antics of #amwritingparty I'm usually laughing my head off.

@WritingAgain: #amwritingparty Drinking is optional (for most people). Fun, however, is not. Call it a writing support group.

@kidswap: So I have a question. Do you edit or go back and edit right away or do you just motor through to the end then start edits? #amwritingparty

@AngelaButts: ain't no party like an #amwritingparty party. Is it just as jumping tonight?

@frankiediane: Thank you! So what are you working on? #amwritingparty I feel like I need to meet everybody. What's everyone writing?

@ThePreyers: @lkgg Nearly 900 when I started the chop-chop! "Thats" I will destroy you! Aaaaaaaa.... #amwritingparty
@lkgg: @ThePreyers "That" is one of my all time pitfalls. While during creation, I let them fall where they may & cut later. #amwritingparty
@jkoyanagi: @cvaldezmiller You can do it! It's going well. Still in the thick of edits. #amwritingparty

Okay - so that's #amwritingparty, in a nutshell! Hope you drop by - but either way... Cheers to happy writing :-)

♥ me


  1. I wonder, good lady, whether someone should centralize a list of people who participate in the par-tay. Y'know, one of those Twitter list thingies that I only have one of but other people have tons of. Would an #amwritingparty list help?

    'Cause really, I'm starting to lose track of how many people drop in on the party. I used to know everyone, but now it's expanding beyond my limited mental capacity to keep track of it. It's a good thing, though!

  2. Frankie - I'm glad you found it TOO!!

    Simon - I gotcha buddy, I started one about a week after the first party. It's under my lists and I try to update it with every new participant :-) Feel free to follow it as well!

  3. Sara, #amwritingparty has totally improved my Twitter experience as a writer. There's no sense of obligation really--you can come in when you want and leave when you want, often without a hello or even goodbye. But the most inspirational part of it has been the interaction between writers. The support I receive encourages me to keep going--at the same time, it's a blessing to offer that kind of encouragement to other writers as well. It's very gratifying to see others succeed and to help when someone is feeling dejected, especially because I know when the chips are down for me, other writers will be there to toss in a coin or two. The thing is, writing can be such a lonely experience--some prefer the solitude (sometimes, even I do), but #amwritingparty makes the writing process feel like a shared experience. It's sort of like a watercooler moment or an office lunch outing for writers. Except, way more fun. I love #amwritingparty, and I'm so glad you started it.

    And Dude, you quoted me! Man, does that make me an author? Aw shucks...thanks.

  4. This sounds awesome. I blogged a while back about whether or not I should get a Twitter account. I had decided to get one after I finish my first draft, but this is making me want to change my mind!

  5. Yay for #amwritingparty! I know I look forward to it every night I write, so thank you SO much for creating it. See you a little later--and tonight I'll bring tequila! :)

  6. Carol - I'm so happy that you've gotten the same thigns that I have out of it! Seriously, the beast took on a mind of its own and it's wonderful :-)

    Melissa - (aka Melane for anyone who's wondering!) You should - you really, really should join now. Because I really think that it will aid you in the completion of your draft, it definitely did mine!

    Shannon - ooooooh. I'll bring the lime. And some beers as chasers.

  7. #amwritingparty is the highlight of my Twitter experience lately. You guys are the best!

  8. See?! I need to get into Twitter. My account exists and I never post anything to it!

  9. Jessica Capelle & I were participating in #writingparty, which lost some of its spunk, and she happened on #amwritingparty & dragged me along with. I love the support & enthusiasm of all of the authors who come to play...I mean write. To me it is a shining example of one of the best ways in which social networking has changed writing. Yes, we are all working on our own (or with a specific writing partner) but never has support been so readily available & immediate. If you throw a question out there, you will get a response. If you're stuck, sympathy & suggestions are forthcoming. I really can't say enough about the sparkling gems of people who participate.

    By the way - I'll bring cookies tonight (no party without snacks)

  10. Yep, agreed with Carol. It's improved my Twitter experience, greatly. #amwritingparty people are uber supportive, funny, kind, etc., yay adjective. Love it -- wonderful concept, Sara. :)

  11. Sounds simply wonderful, yet sadly the time difference (me in NZ and all) does not bode well.
    One day though, you may see @quillfeather #amwriting on your screen :)

  12. This sounds really cool (and addictive)! :)

  13. Sounds like fun! I'll have to join in :)

  14. Sounds fantastic! I'd been wondering about the hashtag. Glad someone tweeted this post!

  15. Neat concept. I swear I have to get into this Twitter thing. I have an account, but haven't really used it. Hummm... Gotta get on that.

    Lynnette Labelle

  16. Lol, oh good, you picked a comment from me that makes me sound competitive. ;)

    Dude, speaking of #amwritingparty, I'm freaking stuck in plot :-P I think I need some of Carol's sparkly dust.


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