Friday, December 4, 2009

Twilight Contest and Ninjadillo and a Cute Link, Oh My!

Okay. I'm blogging this even though I DON'T WANT TO. Because it means my chances of winning get lower. Ugh. But it also gives me more points so my chances get higher. Stupid double-edged sword. (grumble grumble)

The absolutely fabulous Shannon over on Ramblings of a Wannabe Scribe is having an EPIC contest. She's giving away a signed copy of TWILIGHT!  And anyone who knows me knows that I. Love. Twilight.  I love it. Love it. (Do you get it yet?)

So if you hop over to her blog (link above) you can find the contest and its rules. But what I'd prefer is that you hop over to her blog and become a follower (because you're seriously missing out on fantastic writing tips and anecdotes if you don't) and then just conveniently forget to enter the contest.  K? Thanks ;-)

Oh and on a separate note - Shannon has agreed to lend me Ninjadillo.  Because I love him and also because I need someone to stick it to me to keep up with my Shattered revision!! So that's what I'll be up to all weekend! (If you haven't yet been introduced to Ninjadillo, he's an adverb-attacking, editing whip-cracking, armadillo. He's got a wicked Kung Fu death grip and he's on the look out for bad prose.)

Happy Friday :-)

Oh, and if you need something REALLY awesome to kick your weekend off on the right foot?  You must CLICK HERE.

♥ me


  1. Adorable kitten!

    Thanks for the link. Glad you went against your better judgment and shared it with us :)

  2. I. Love. That. Video.

    I have watched it entirely too many times, and if anyone ever expects me to stop watching it, they'll just have to pry the computer out of my cold, dead hands.

    What? Too much? Sorry. =)

  3. Best kitty video EVAH!! Love it. And thanks for the reminder. I keep meaning to enter the contest, and always get distracted. Been sick lately too, which only increases the where-did-my-glasses-go-oh-they're-on-top-of-my-head moments.

  4. I've already entered, but I'll be super happy if you win:)

    Good luck with the revisions!

  5. Um. You know that with Ninjadillo comes the terrifying prospect of a visit from Il Primo, right? I wish you luck with the revisions, good lady. I'd say "revise effectively," but that's an adverb, and I don't want the armadillo grip of death coming across the internets to choke me. :)

  6. LOL. Wow, I feel so famous (I'm somehow on like 5 blogs today) And I think I love you the most because you didn't mention my potentially impending youtube humiliation! {{hugs}}

    Anyway, enjoy Ninjadillo, I hope he helps you. But you do realize Il Primo will follow. You can try to avoid him, but he will stalk you on twitter and in comments until you acknowledge him. Just a heads up!

  7. Funny post!
    Scary armadillo dude comes with risk - I hope you aren't prone to bad dreams.
    Great video!

  8. Sorry I haven't commented back. I've been watching the kitten video since I posted it *she says with glazed over bug eyes*

    And I'm not scared of Il Primo anymore. BRING IT. bahahaha. I'm having a blast with Ninjadillo though! I found he's actually pretty sweet as long as I stay on track. OUCH! Which apparently doesnot include blog commenting... Sigh.

  9. Oh my, that is the cutest kitty video ever. I'm not even an enormous fan of cats and that made me want to adopt a dozen! Cooch-cooch-coochie-coo! :)

    And I'm already one of Shannon's followers but I haven't entered the contest yet... thanks for the reminder. And you're right, she is a HUGE scoop of awesome.


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