Monday, August 16, 2010

The Best I've Ever Had

 Sandwich, that is! What were you thinking?

Clearly, this is not a post about writing. But here's the thing: Last week I tweeted for advice about how to bake chicken. Embarrassing, but true. I feel the need to rebuild some of my nonexistent cooking street cred, so I thought I'd share THE BEST SANDWICH RECIPE EVAR.

Here's the background info:

The summer after my junior year of college a friend came up from NC to visit. So, of course, I took him to do DC – the monuments, the museums, the works. After walking around the city for HOURS, (and barely covering any of it) we were completely famished. We looked across the street and there was this absolutely adorable bookshop caf√©. 

We sat at a rickety little white table. Books lined the walls around me and the air was saturated with that old, basement-type aroma that can only come from stacks of books. All that, plus food? Yeah. I was in heaven.

I ordered what I thought would be a plain ol’ turkey sandwich. Apparently I didn’t read the description, because what came out was anything but plain. After my first bite, I don’t even think I said one word to my friend (did I even remember to breathe?) until I’d finished every last crumb.

Somehow years went by without my thinking about the sandwich. By the time I thought to find it again, I had NO memory whatsoever of what the place's name was. (Seriously, so sad I can't find it again...) I decided to recreate it.

I made a few changes to what I remembered (used granny smith apples, instead of any of the red variety; chose Havarti cheese instead of sharp cheddar; toasted the final product) and created the most amazing sandwich I’ve ever had. I have to say, it’s even better than the one from all those years ago!

Sourdough Bread
Shaved Turkey Breast
Havarti Cheese (in slices)
Granny Smith Apple (very thinly sliced)
Red Onion (sliced into rings)
Pesto mix
Fresh dill
Salt & Pepper

To make the sandwich: 

  1. Spread pesto/dill mayonnaise (recipe below) onto two slices of sourdough bread
  2. Layer about 5 pieces of shaved turkey breast onto one slice of sourdough bread
  3. Add salt and pepper to the turkey breast slices
  4. Add 5-7 thin slices of granny apple
  5. Top the apple slices with 3-4 red onion ring slices
  6. Top the onion slices with two pieces of Havarti cheese
  7. Close the sandwich by placing the other half of sourdough on top of everything
  8. Toast for about 4 minutes, until the bread is crunchy and a nice, golden brown color.
Pesto/Dill Mayonnaise Directions
  1. In a bowl add ½ C of mayonnaise (I use low-fat, but you can take your pick)
  2. Mix in about a teaspoon of pesto mix (I use McCormick Pesto Sauce Mix, but you can make your own if you want – it’s basically comprised of basil, parmesan cheese, salt, and garlic)
  3. Mix in two sprigs of fresh (minced) dill
  4. Once everything is combined – it’s good to go! (SO EASY, RIGHT?)
    With these measurements, you should have enough to cover four slices of sourdough bread (two sandwiches)
    Any extra should last for about 3 days if kept covered tightly in the fridge.
Here are some pictures of the creation process: (Start to finish!)




  1. These ingrediants alone are amazing! YUM

  2. Look at you, you culinary queen!
    Looks so delicious (I'd have to make mine minus onions, but that looks yummy!).

  3. That does sound delicious. I'm glad you showed the toasting step. That one had me confused. I'll have to try this soon.

  4. That sandwich looks soooo good. Thank you for the recipe and the story behind the sandwich.

  5. OMG that looks so good. I am trying this (as soon as I have time to yanno, eat stuff other than take-out) ;)

  6. This looks delicious!!! I wish you could come make one for me haha

  7. I am deeply adoring that you went from 'can't cook chicken' to FOOD BLOGGER within a week!

    Impressive! :)))

  8. i made sandwiches just like this for dinner last night! i used herbed chicken instead of turkey and homemade cranberry spread instead of apples....but the key was dipping the entire sandwich in french toast batter (eggs, milk & cinnamon) and then grilling it. TO. DIE. FOR.

  9. That sounds absolutely delicious. Your photos are gorgeous too!

  10. That looks delish! I never would have thought to put apples on a sandwich, but it sounds great!

  11. That looks so delish. Yummers. I want.

    And I totally recognize your counter!!! AWEsome. I miss you.

  12. I NEED LUNCH. I am now officially starving. And jealous of your mad sandwich-making skills.

    Also, I gave you an award over on my blog. Feel free to come pick it up!

  13. that looks and sounds yummy! If you are ever in Utah you should try Kneaders, turkey bacon avacado on Focaccia bread. (with a side of ranch)

    It is a guilty pleasure.

  14. fascinating. I never would have thought of apples in a sandwich!

  15. This looks awesome! I think I am going to make this as soon as I get all the ingredients. Thanks for sharing.


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