Friday, January 29, 2010

My First VLOG: How to Hit On a Writer

So, since I'll be gone for a week (to Miami, woohoo!) I thought it might be a good day to do my first VLOG. (Okay, and also because I'm in love with my mac* and the iMovie app is ridiculously fun to play with!)

As you'll see in the VLOG, I was hit on yesterday--in the funniest way ever. I had to share, because honestly, if you ever want to pick up a writer, this guy had the right idea!

Please feel free to make fun of me.

So, in case you can't tell... I am having a flipping blast with iMovie, ha. I even finished my trailer for Shattered!! I'll post it when I get back from Miami.

Oh, and one more thing! So, for Saradise I saw in the comments that some of you (Valerie, Melissa, Shannon M., SarahJayne, Karen, and Heather) wanted to do it too!! If you send me your e-mail address, I'll start like, a support chain to send out daily motivation if you want :-)

I love the motivation that comes from starting a specific schedule like this!

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  1. ack, I can't watch Vlogs at work. I can, but I don't have sound on my computer. :( I'll have to watch later.

  2. Ha! Well, that advice comes too late for me to use it, but I'll be sure to pass it along to my single, male, writer friends. Of whom I have... um... (are we talking in RL?)... uh... (or does the blogosphere count?)... erm... ah... one? Yeah. One, in RL. If we're counting the blogosphere, then I might hit, um, three?

    Wow, men are seriously underrepresented out here. Wassupwidat? How can I not have anyone to pass that line along to? Sheesh.

  3. What a great vlog to start my day, hah! I love it!

  4. Love it! That really might be the best pick up line of all time. :) And isn't it nice to be picked up on...even if you are married?

  5. Your Vlog is wonderful! That is a good pick up line, and I am totally in for Saradise, btw. I can't wait!

  6. Ha! I would have laughed too if someone said that to me. Awesome vlog.

  7. Hey babe, I hear you're "into" books.
    Want to see some of my best pages?

    Great vlog, can't wait to see more.

  8. You should do a vlog every single time. I'm so jealous. So poised, like a beautiful tv journalist. And funny as heck. LOVE this vlog. And what a fab pickup line. I have never had anyone toss a pickup line in my direction, so I can't even imagine. I would have stumbled over my words, and been like, "What? Say that again?" or worse: "Thank you, sir. I do like books," and then walked away. I hope you do tons more!! Can't wait to do our CP blog. You and Alexandra will have to showcase in it. I'll be in the background, hiding my head.

    Have a blast in Miami!!!

  9. Hahahahaha! Omg that was so funny! Lol, I'm with Carol, I definitely wouldn't have had enough poise to say anything to the guy. I probably would have given him an awkward half-glare, half-gape, and then I would've just walked away. I'm so awkward in person, which you'll probably be finding out at some point this year :-P

    Anyway, that is a good pick-up line. And what a great vlog! You must do more when you get back.

    I'm so jealous you get to go be in the sun!

  10. Okay, first-HOW ADORABLE ARE YOU--and your voice TOTALLY sounded like how I'd been picturing it.

    Second, isn't iMovie AMAZING. I told you--Macs rule all.

    Third, HOW CAN YOU NOT TELL US WHAT THE GUY LOOKED LIKE?!?!?!? Was he decent looking? Cause that matters!!!
    For some reason I get picked up on a lot, but it's always by like really old, really fat, or really drunk guys--so it's not exactly an ego boost.

    I actually had big fat guy use the Joey from Friends, "How YOU doin'?" on me a couple months ago. And then last month at the grocery store this crazy old polish guy offered to buy me 40 oranges for one of my smiles--both of which are funny lines. Except...ew. And I'm married. But mostly I'm disturbed that a big fat guy and a crazy old polish guy thought I was in their league. :-/

    Have fun in Miami and DEFINITELY put me down for Saradise emails. Methinks you already have my email address...

  11. If you want to send me a peppy email for our adventure in writing you cand send it to:


    Have a great time in Miami. :)

  12. I haven't been able to watch the vlog yet, but I'd love to get the emails! I'm valeriekwrites at blogpsot dot com. Can't wait to get started!

  13. How freaking cute are you? Loved hearing your voice change into dude mode. Great Vlog! and yes, nice come on.

  14. HaHa! That is one cool pickup line! And how did you stay so calm? I would have died of embarassment right there on the spot.

    Have fun in Miami. I'm really looking forward to Saradise when you get back:)

    My e-mail: mehlane@gmail.com

  15. That was fun! And you're right - a great pick up line :)

  16. Great Vlog! I have a MacBook and now I"m dying to try iMovie...mmm....oh, I got my books today! Yeah!!! Hope you have a great trip.

  17. Wow. That guy is smooth.

    Yes, the Olympians series is awesome. You have great taste in books (in this case, not a pick-up line, just a fact).

    Have fun in Miami. :)

  18. You have such a beautiful voice (not to mention face), Sara! Love the vlog. I hope there will be more to come!
    And I agree with Simon. Where are all the male writers? Come on guys!

  19. That story is too ridiculous. I love guys with their crazy pickup lines!

  20. You're so cute! I love Vlogs. They give you a better idea of someone's personality, and you are just as cute in person as your pic. :)
    I am def up for the _____-adise support chain. My email is KarenAmandaHooper@gmail.com

    Hope you're having fun in Miami!

  21. That was a treat to watch! I just found your blog today and I found a lot of inspiration here, even just in seeing your vlog. So much fun! You strike me as the kind of person who really sees the good in everything around you. Definitely an inspiring person.


  22. That is funny. Thanks for posting.


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